Love Balls

Love Balls

Developer: Lion Studios

Draw right paths in the air so that these two cute balls will come together.


Editor's Review :

This is a dreamy puzzle game. Despite the simplicity, this game has hooked thousands of players from different parts of the world. And it is really fun to draw right paths in the air so that these two cute balls will come together. As long as the two love birds get together, you can successfully pass the level. If you fail your task the first time, there is no need for you to feel frustrated because you will always have several chances. Each attempt is worthwhile, because you will accumulate some experience. And next time you will know the right skill of drawing the perfect line to help these two cute balls come together. Sometimes, it is just so frustrating, because you cannot manage to make these two cute balls come together no matter how hard you try. The good news is that you can always resort to the help button to get some hints. As soon as you press the help button, you will get the proper suggestion, which will show you how to successfully collect the two cute balls. It cannot be denied that it is not that kind of challenging for any player to play this game and complete all the levels. But if you want to play some easy and simple puzzle game to have some nice and happy time, you will definitely enjoy yourself a lot while you are playing this game. You will come across no complications and you will get addicted to the process of collecting these two cute balls. The pink ball and the blue ball are just like two fairies under your finger. If you play this game for a very long period of time, you will have some true feelings for these two cute balls. Every time when you feel bored or when you have nothing else to do, you just want to spend some time in helping these two cute balls who are attracted to each other. You will also be in a good mood whenever you successfully help them come together. While you are playing this game, you should never forget the rules of gravity. When you are drawing the paths, you should always take the influence of gravity into consideration. For instance, if you draw the lines and paths on the flat and smooth surface, you should try to use as little ink as possible. If you can successfully help these two cute balls come together by using only one stroke, you will get the maximum amount of stars for your wonderful performance. So there is no need for you to rush. On the contrary, you should think carefully and draw the line in your mind before you actually draw the lines on the screen. Actually, in terms of drawing the line, there is no strict restrictions. You have many options. So sometimes you can just try some interesting shots to make your cute balls become more stylish. If you would like to, you can also purchase a variety of things from the store. The costumes are awesome. Besides, you can also buy different pens of different colors. If you draw some masterpieces, you can also share your wonderful drawing works on famous social platforms to impress your friends and other family members. At the beginning, things are quite simple, because you only need to draw a few lines to complete the level. But as the game progresses, you will notice that things will get a bit more complicated because you have to draw more lines in order to pass the level. But no matter what may happen, you should always be patient. You can just have confidence in yourself. With your amazing logical thinking ability, you will successfully complete the level by trying different strategies. And it is not a very bad thing for you to fail your task because sometimes you just need to learn from your mistakes. In this way, you will know how to better prepare yourself next time. Generally speaking, this is a wonderful puzzle game. If you are one of the fans of puzzle games, which will force you to focus, this is a perfect game for you. And it is definitely worthwhile for you to try this game. There is no unhealthy content involved. So if you are a parent, you can also play this game with your kids. This is an amazing game for you to help your kid to improve his or her brain skills. So your job is quite simple. You just need to have these two cute balls join one another. And you just use nothing more than your own creativity and a pen to draw on your screen. It will give you a deep sense of satisfaction if you can successfully help them come together. But you should always move one of the balls in the direction of the other. At first, it is as simple as drawing a single curved line. But after you play for some time, it is not that kind of easy for you to let one ball directly roll over the other ball. Anyway, there is no need for you to be afraid of this tiny challenge because all these difficulties and challenges will increase your enjoyment considerably. The thing you should keep in mind is that the more lines you draw, the fewer points you get. So you should always save your ink. It would be the best if you can successfully help these two balls join together by using the least number of lines possible. It is acceptable for you to draw the triangles and curved lines and other forms. As long as you can help these two balls come together, you win the final victory. So what are you still waiting for? It is time for you to enjoy this super fun puzzle game and have some fun time. To sum up, this game can help polish your analyzing ability and enjoy yourself at the same time. It is really fun to help these two love birds. Even if they are just balls, if you can help them get together, they will feel so happy and satisfied. So your efforts will not be wasted. And they will always hold great gratitude towards you for helping them. And you will also become addicted to the process of helping this couple. So if you have no good idea about what to do, playing this game might be a wonderful choice to relax yourself!

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