MONOPOLY Solitaire

MONOPOLY Solitaire

Developer: MobilityWare

It is not simply about piling the cards by following the numbers.


Editor's Review :

Monopoly Solitaire is a classic card game. Once you start, it is really hard for you to stop playing this game. But it is not simply about piling the cards by following the numbers. You must come up with strategic plans to complete your task within a very short time. Every time when you successfully master the boardwalk, you always feel so proud of yourself. Besides, you will have the golden chance to enjoy numerous levels. So, you will always have a golden opportunity to complete each level by following a totally different way. If your performance is good enough, you will always manage to earn special tokens and boards. After you earn enough amount of cash, you can also buy properties. So, it is always worthwhile for you to accept all the challenges and complete all the tasks by following creative ways. Sometimes, you will be in a dilemma. And you may come across many tricky problems, but you should never give up. After carefully observing the board, you will always come up with new ways of addressing these problems to continue your adventure on the board. You do not need to fight your temptation to complete the level as soon as possible. You will constantly feel the urge to complete the level without wasting a second. If you are a true lover of solitaire games, you will unconsciously immerse yourself into this world of cards. And you will push all the unnecessary thoughts out of your mind. You will experience a kind of serenity that is hard to describe with human words. Even if the tricky problems may destroy your calm mind and even if you are troubled by some boresome feelings, you should always keep calm and examine your feelings, actually, taking a good look at the arrangement of these cards will always wind up giving you a kind of critical understanding of the logic behind these cards. And every time you successfully figure out the pattern of these cards and successfully solve the puzzles without making too much effort, you will always get all kinds of rewards for your wonderful performance, which will further motivate you to complete the next level. This kind of positive reinforcement will help your mind perform better while you are trying to finish the next level. Eventually, you will unconsciously become addicted to the process of solving all the puzzles by moving one card after another. This kind of satisfaction will be subtly interwoven into your daily life. So, you will always have a positive mindset while you are trying to deal with other tricky problems. If you are a person who suffers from a short attention span, you should definitely try this special card game because it can definitely help cure your attention deficit disorder. By observing and analyzing the patterns with your whole heart and mind, you will gradually practice your faculty of focusing on one thing for a very long time without getting distracted. Gradually, you will also realize the problem of failing to focus on one thing is like a problem of failing to manage your feelings. So, if you can objectively and properly deal with both negative and positive feelings while you are playing this card game, you will always manage to keep focusing on the process of solving all the card puzzles. It feels so good to witness all the secrets behind these cards unfolding under your finger. It feels fantastic to succeed at solving all the card puzzles. If you are really into playing Monopoly games, the very thought of completing all the puzzles will make you feel good. As soon as you see these cards, you will immediately become a magician who can work and perform like a craftsman to manipulate these magical cards. While you are rearranging these cards, you will never feel the violent passion. On the contrary, you will always enjoy the calm passions which will give you a sense of direction to successfully reorganize all the cards. During this process, you will have absolute command over your mind. Successfully moving all the cards by following the right order is a process of empowering your calm passion for card games. And you will always live in the present while you are trying to figure out the order behind these cards. If you are a person who usually unconsciously lets violent passions carry your day, you should definitely play this game. Because if your mind always gets violent, you will miss the relish in the common occurrences of your life. If you are a person who is prone to lose self-control, you should also play this game because reordering these cards is also a kind of therapeutic exercise that will always help you find order in chaos. After successfully finding the pattern behind these disordered cards, you will always experience a spiritual uplift. And you will surprisingly find that you can see things clearly. After you go through the practice of finding order in chaos, you will rarely be misled by unnecessary feelings while you are trying to deal with important matters. It is a good thing to become aware of how pervasively your feelings may influence your thoughts and behavior while you pay all your attention to finding the right pattern behind these cards. So, playing this card game is definitely conducive to your happiness. It will help you to learn to capture all the trivial things in your life. And you will learn to find beauty and miracles even in the tiniest things. Ultimately, you will manage to apprehend the world out there in an orderly and clear way. The whole process of reorganizing all these cards is also a process of constructing a kind of new order, which will always give you a sense of direction. And this special game combines Monopoly with typical card games. So, it is really fun to roll the dice as you please. At the end of each level, you will gain cash to build houses and other fancy buildings. At last, as you go through this adventure, you should never underestimate the difficulty level of this game. As the game progresses, you will notice that it is really hard for you to earn cash. So, you must try your best to take on all the challenges and dice rolls. But it is definitely a wise investment because after you beat all your opponents, you will manage to build all kinds of extravagant buildings. It is so satisfying to collect large amounts of rent from all your fancy properties. Eventually, you will realize your dream of becoming the richest landlord in the Mayfair!

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