Mighty DOOM

Mighty DOOM

Developer: Bethesda Softworks LLC

Unlock awesome weapons to kill all your enemies.


Editor's Review :

Mighty DOOM is a fabulous fighting game. You will have a golden chance to unlock awesome weapons to kill all your enemies. Of course, you will make some mistakes and miss your target. But no matter what may happen, you must always keep shooting. Otherwise, you will be the one who gets killed. All the battles are bloody, and your enemies will not stop shooting until you are dead. So while you are shooting your enemies, you must always come up with flexible strategies and take cover behind the rocks and walls to protect your character. The whole fighting mechanism is simple to understand. The character will automatically aim at your enemies and shoot. All you need to do is to keep moving your character to avoid all the flying bullets and fireballs. It is really fun to attack your enemies by releasing superpowers owned by your character. If you are faced with a gigantic boss, you need to spend some time taking down this ferocious enemy. But you can always use a powerful gun or a rocket launcher to kill this enemy. The history of similar first-person shooting games is somewhat shrouded in mystery. But there are many players around the whole world who love playing first-person shooting games. It is really fun to move through this mysterious virtual world and kill all your enemies. While you are playing this game, there is no need for you to show mercy towards these monsters because you are the only one who can save the world. You are allowed to brutally kill all the monsters within your eyesight. While you are playing this game, you will always be locked inside your character's skull. There is no time for you to think about other things. You will be so eager to kill all the enemies and remove any potential dangers. You will love the process of fully immersing yourself in this world. In the meantime, you will always enjoy the battle against all these monsters because you will never play the role of a passive observer. On the contrary, you will always have total control of your character to apply different methods and various strategies to remove all these dangers and enemies. In the beginning, you may feel a little frustrated, especially after your character is constantly defeated by the gigantic boss. But after you play for some time, you can boost your character's moving speed. And you can fire more bullets. So you must try your best to earn all the rewards, which will definitely enhance your game experience. This first-person shooting game does not involve too much storytelling or narrative, but you will always have the ordeal of getting rid of all those enemies. And your character is really cool. And your character always serves as your vehicle to kill all those enemies. So, you must always remember that you and your character are virtually synonymous. You must never separate your mind from the movement of your character. Otherwise, you will lose your advantage of killing all the monsters first. As the game progresses, you will definitely fall in love with your character, because you will realize that your character actually has his own personality. You will also help your character display more awesome traits by unlocking powerful weapons. After your hero possesses superpowers and manages to truly show his fighting talents, you will have a much better gaming experience. But you will go through a tough training period before you can successfully control your character shooting down all those enemies and successfully protecting your character with proficiency. But if you keep improving your combat skills, you will eventually conquer all these monsters. In the meantime, you will enjoy yourself by killing all those enemies while showing your unparalleled shooting skills. Sometimes, you will unconsciously scream out of excitement. As the game progresses, you will even stimulate your hunter and warrior instinct. As long as you hold the awesome weapons in your hands, it seems that you instinctively know how to shoot down all those enemies without using your mind. It is really fun to release your competitive nature without holding anything back. You can become violent and bloodthirsty. If your competitive nature is pushed to the edge, you will see that actually you are such an amazing shooter. If you keep shooting without stopping, you may even literally hear the bullets whistle by your ear. But the precondition of enjoying all the exciting feeling of killing all those monsters is to guarantee your character's safety. You should never risk your character's life for the satisfying feeling aroused by the rush of adrenalin. In order to become skilled in all aspects of your shooting combat, you must always have a very disciplined mind. And you must always move tactically and carefully. Before you master all the major skills, you should never underestimate any enemy. Otherwise, you will be faced with devastating failure. And you should always remember that there is always room for you to improve your shooting skills. This whole game is fast-paced. So, you must always move fast and aim precisely to kill all these enemies. This whole aiming and shooting process will be a good test of your hand-eye coordination. It is an amazing thing to be able to efficiently control your hand and finger actions to carry out multiple tasks simultaneously under great pressure. But there is no need for you to feel overwhelmed because the instinctive shooting process is the natural result of experience and practice. As the old saying goes, "no pains, no gains". So, if you want to become a professional shooter, you must always keep training your shooting skills. Gradually, you will realize that you can easily relate your hand movements to on-screen actions. Even if you act clumsily and get defeated by your enemies again and again, you should never feel frustrated because as a professional shooter, you must always believe that you are capable of evolving and adapting and you can manage to improve your shooting skills and tactics to get rid of all those monsters. The lessons learned from your failures and shooting experience are priceless. After you accumulate enough experience, you will realize that there is no need for you to obey the same basic principles and behave like a normal shooter to remove all those monsters. You can always think out of the box and kill more enemies by using the least amount of bullets. It is really satisfying to kill all those monsters by using your awesome shooting skills and shooting tactics!

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