Banana Kong

Banana Kong

Developer: FDG Entertainment GmbH & Co.KG

It is quite simple for you to control this monkey.


Editor's Review :

Banana Kong is a fun and endless running game. If you love playing casual running games to kill your spare time, you should definitely try this interesting game. The background music is quite catchy. And the whole atmosphere of this game is really relaxing. At the end of each running adventure, you will feel totally relaxed. It is special to have this running adventure with the cute monkey. It is quite simple for you to control this monkey. If you are into running games, it would be of no difficulty for you to control this cute monkey. The whole game is fast-paced. So you must react really quickly in front of the obstacles. But you will enjoy yourself a lot because the whole environment is so beautiful. You will see green trees, beautiful butterflies, green grass, and everything that makes you feel that you are running into a totally different world. If you do not bump into any obstacle by accident, you will wish to run to the end of the world without stopping. And it feels great to avoid all the obstacles by swiping in different directions. As the game progresses, you will also unlock many upgrades and awesome power-ups. Even if the monkey is a cartoon character, you will feel that the whole game experience is so authentic. And it is so satisfying to control this cute monkey devouring all the delicious bananas floating in the air. Your only difficulty is avoiding all the obstacles. You will not be faced with enemies or monsters. So you do not need to distract yourself to crush enemies or conquer some unexpected monsters. The most important thing is to keep focusing on your way ahead. For a moment, you will just forget about the world, the sense of self, and everything else around you. You will have this great feeling of merging into one with everything. You will lose your concept of time. And it is so addicting to continue this running adventure by conquering one obstacle after another. Of course, in the beginning, it would be really hard for you to collect all the bananas floating in the air. But after you play for some time, you will successfully catch all the delicious bananas, which will provide you with a great emotional reward. In this fascinating environment, you can express all your suppressed feelings by doing all kinds of actions while running forward at a crazy speed. Your running track is always surrounded by clear water, flowers, and trees. Whenever you feel some kind of negative emotion, you should definitely start running in this beautiful world. As soon as you start to run, you will forget about all of your worries and concerns. As we all know, each negative emotional change in our body has a tiny but memorable negative effect on our bodies. So it is necessary to play something fun to get rid of this negative emotional change. Emotions are just like storms. If you can channel this negative emotion by running forward and not triggering it, this emotion will pass and will disappear. But if you chew on this negative emotional change or if you get connected to this negative emotion, it will devour you and leave a scar on your tender heart. So whenever you feel bad or whenever you want to feel yourself in the private world, you should definitely visit this beautiful world. With your cute monkey, you will always feel relieved and happy. When you are running forward with your cute monkey, your body will become healthier because this good feeling of running forward with your agile monkey will always help relax your muscles and ligaments, even if you do all these jumping and running actions in the virtual world. In the meantime, such fun activities will also balance your mind. Of course, if you cannot be fully prepared with your cute monkey in front of each obstacle, you will be so afraid of bumping into the unexpected obstacle. But whenever you successfully and timely conquer the obstacle, you will feel so satisfied. It cannot be denied that there is a hunger for limitless freedom and happiness in every person. We are prone to seek freedom from the bondage of gravity and time. So, whenever you run forward with your cute monkey in this fantastic world, you will forget about time and you will feel absolute freedom. It feels so great to surmount time. But no matter what may happen, you should always have confidence in your monkey. No matter what kinds of obstacles you may come across, your monkey will always be with you. As long as you can properly control it, you will feel lots of fun. So, you should not give up until the last moment. If you run a very long distance, you will feel so frustrated you're your monkey dies, so you will try every means to revive your monkey to continue your adventure. You can always spend some coins to revive your monkey or you can watch the ad to revive your monkey, but it is totally up to you. If you would like to, you can always start from the beginning. And you will do so because it is so easy for you to become addicted to this game. When you start to run, you feel that you are having a supersonic running adventure with your cute monkey. This running adventure always makes you feel that you can run into outer space. It is amazing to surpass your personal limitations with great running skills in this gorgeous world. Whenever you successfully conquer a challenging obstacle, you feel that you already create a new you and you will feel more confident. Gradually, you will feel absolute freedom while you are running forward with your cute monkey, which will help you reach for expanded consciousness. You will consciously conquer each obstacle and you will have higher capabilities of avoiding all the obstacles while collecting all the delicious bananas. Your whole body and mind will be open to each obstacle. If you truly love this game and if you spend lots of hours training your monkey, you will find that during this process, all of your agitated waves of thoughts will cease. Your mind will become so clear that you will become so conscious of each imminent danger and obstacle. You may even find the tuition to properly avoid all the obstacles without making much effort. Anyway, this is a simple game that will bring you great fun. So, if you are into running games, you should not miss it!

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