Truck Driver Cargo

Truck Driver Cargo

Developer: GameDivision

It is such a satisfying thing to deliver your cargo to different destinations.


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Editor's Review :

Truck Driver Cargo is a great truck-driving simulation game. By playing this game, you will have a really exciting adventure. It is time to get in your truck and travel to different parts of the world. It is such a satisfying thing to deliver your cargo to different destinations. You will see the real interior of the truck. And you are always allowed to design your own truck by following your own way. It is so relaxing to drive the truck while enjoying the beautiful scenery around. In the meantime, you will have the golden opportunity to experience different weather conditions. And you are allowed to carry different cargoes. Maybe you have already played many other truck-driving simulation games. But it is definitely worthwhile for you to try this one because you will experience many new features. It is completely amazing to try the new improved physics system. Besides, you will have different modes, including the night driving mode, normal driving mode, rain driving mode, and different cargoes for different trucks mode. While you are driving on the road, all the annoying ideas in your mind will automatically dissolve. And you will get so close to nature and with your inner self. You will always be in a happy mood while you are driving toward your destination. Delivering your cargo to the destination is not a complicated thing, but you will always enjoy it. You will have so much fun during this process. There is no need for you to expect that you will make lots of profit within a short time because it requires patience and effort to have your own cargo delivery business. But you will truly live your life while you are driving on the amazing road. Through your own efforts, you will earn the right to call yourself a real truck driver. There is no need for you to equip yourself with professional truck-driving knowledge or special knowledge about truck-driving skills. You can just give yourself some relaxing time to enjoy your driving experience. While you are delivering your cargo, you will always feel a bond with your truck. And you will never feel that you are alienated or you do not belong to this world. In a real life, we always feel alienated because of our origin and our thoughts, and other uncontrollable factors. But in this world, you will just stop thinking about your identity and you will unconsciously get involved with a certain group or a certain community. While you are driving forward, you will fully enjoy your solitude and you will chew on your life silently. And you will have a good opportunity to have a really healthy and direct conversation with your true self. There is no need for you to consider other peoples' opinions on your driving skills or how you deal with your business. You can just travel around the whole world and enjoy the beauty of different countries. If you play this game for a long time, you will notice that you will better understand the meaning of life. While you are driving, you will not get distracted and you will not be disturbed by the voice of the outside world. You will truly have an opportunity to just think about your life and the meaning of your living. Actually, the truck-driving journey can be regarded as a meditation journey. You will unconsciously do lots of meditation while you are driving forward. Of course, you will always have the joy of traveling and the serenity of driving silently. The joy of driving your favorite truck will directly go deep inside you. And you are so willing to spend most of your time delivering the cargo. You will have the chance to drive to places you always want to go. In the beginning, you may act a little clumsy because you are not familiar with the controls of your truck. But after you play for some time, your truck-driving skills will be improved. And you will enjoy the fun of this truck-driving experience from the bottom of your heart. In real life, we always feel alienated because our definition and concept of home are always associated with buildings and concrete structures. But while you are driving in this world, you can find that your true home can just simply be associated with another driving partner or just your own truck. And every time you successfully deliver your cargo to the destination, you will feel a terrific feeling of liberation and fulfillment. You will always have a sense of home and community while you are in this world. This is a world where you will become yourself. You will experience unparalleled joy. And you will always accumulate enough truck driving experience by delivering the cargo. Whenever you want to experience that sense of stillness, you should not hesitate to come into this world. You will always find something spectacular in silence. And you will stop being restless while you are driving forward. It seems that your truck always has a kind of magical power that can help you calm your nerves down and have a really great time by being with yourself. Of course, if you would like to, you can always turn on your favorite music and drive fast. But when the road grows narrower, you can just drive slowly and enjoy the absolutely silent moment. But this kind of silence is not only about the absence of noise, it is really a presence of a kind of powerful energy. You will feel so great at such moments. You will feel that your feet are great and your whole body is full of energy. There is no need for you to consult some other drivers for guidance. You can just ride along the road and explore this world for yourself. When the weather is fine, the clouds will be floating in the sky and you are driving on a flat road. Nothing is more comfortable than this. But the sky will never be your limit. You can just drive to the end of the world. By playing this driving game, you will also make yourself become rich by building your own truck driving business. After you successfully deliver the cargo, you will always get the corresponding reward. But it is not the money that makes you become rich. Just like the great philosopher Siemens once said that "the man is poor, not he who has little but who hunts after more". While you are driving forward, you will always crave a sense of stillness. Instead of making more money or completing all the tasks, this game can help you step out of your life and go into a totally different world in which you will deeply care about yourself and your feelings. The whole experience makes you feel that you find a true home and a true career!

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