Run Rich 3D

Run Rich 3D

Developer: VOODOO

Pick up all the money floating in the air and avoid all the nasty things.


Editor's Review :

Run Rich 3D is a really engaging casual game. The name of this game is really creative. And you will feel absolute excitement while you are playing this game. All you need to do is to pick up all the money floating in the air and try your best to avoid all the nasty things that will make you lose money. The nasty things include wine bottles and other stuff. From time to time, you will also bump into slot machines. If you are lucky, you will earn money from gambling. But if you are unlucky, you will lose lots of money, but it is totally up to you. You will also come across crystal gates with different life choices printed on them. You will pick the perfect choice that will make your life better by earning money and avoiding losing money. After beating more and more levels, you will have a house. And you are allowed to upgrade this house by spending all the money that you earned from finishing all the levels. The gameplay is simple, but you just want to make all the right choices to create a better life. More importantly, this whole process of collecting the money and upgrading your house makes you feel that you are a really successful person. This whole game is a form of training. This training will help you make better choices and motivate you to make your life become better. There is no need for you to copy other players' styles. You will not belong to any boss. You can just collect different things and try your best to make your life better. If you are a girl, playing this game will become your primary form of entertainment. It feels so great to become rich and beautiful at the same time. This game will also have a tremendous effect on your real life. Actually, this game will reshape your whole idea about your life and about your appearance. There is no need for you to drive some hybrid vehicles to make yourself become fancy. As long as you are patient and as long as you can manage to avoid all the bad choices, you will naturally have a successful life. The basic idea of this game will truly make you become positive. And all the levels are really creative. You will never feel repetitive. As you can see, in the beginning, your character is so messy because she has no educational degree and she is so poor and so ugly. But after you play for some time, your character will become more and more confident. And all the guys around your girl are so willing to serve her and make way for her. All the changes about this character will make you feel astonished. The whole atmosphere of this game is really relaxing. But this whole game is not only about purely making your character become fancy and beautiful. In the meantime, this game will make you feel that all your choices are meaningful because you will not only get useful cash, but you will also earn meaningful status and power as your rewards. You will feel so great while your character elegantly walks on the stage with so many guys chasing after her. And there is also a handsome prince who is waiting for your character at the end of the destination. And you can see that this prince has a very cool car to attract the attention of your character. This game will definitely affect your inner world in a silent way. If you always have this sense of inferiority about your appearance or about your body, you will find back your self-confidence and you will feel power while you are playing this game. This game can definitely touch your soul. In real life, we are basically an out-of-touch generation. We are prone to communicate with each other by calling each other and sending messages. But we always feel insecure in terms of directly talking to other people face to face. We always unconsciously worry about our hairstyles, our skin color, and all kinds of trivial things. But this game will help you drop down all your concerns about your social status, your appearance, and about your income. Because everything is so easy. As long as you can make the right choices, your life will be on the right track. Strictly speaking, this game can encourage you to make the right life choices. If you can truly understand the dynamic of the game, you can make the right choice of making more money. And you should always help your character get another degree instead of grabbing the wine bottles and joining the gambling activities. The context of the game and the story about your character will definitely influence you. During this adventure of becoming richer and prettier, there is no need for you to take any standardized tests. You can just seek novelty and think creatively to make your character become richer and prettier. But the basic concept is always to do things the hard way. You cannot always stay in your own comfort zone. You cannot try to avoid all the difficulties by drinking or gambling. If you do this, you will fail your task. By playing this game, you will understand that being rich and successful is not a coincidence in anybody's life. You must make all your efforts to be successful and to make a better version of yourself. If you can successfully make the right choices, you will feel a large amount of dopamine released in your brain. And you will feel so great by overcoming all the obstacles. This intrinsic reinforcement will further motivate you to do better and more beneficial choices. This game will also give you some insightful ideas about improving your living conditions, especially if you are in a very tragic condition. You can see that your character is always silent from the beginning to the end. Your character does not say a word or make any sounds, but your character silently makes all the right choices and does what she needs to do to make her life become better and rich. This is also what you should do in your real life to make your life become better and more successful. By playing this game, you will truly understand that being beautiful is actually a very hard thing because it needs lots of self-discipline and sacrifice. But there is always power. This power is not about the outside world. This power is more about controlling your chaotic inner world. Now it is time for you to start your marvelous new life in this beautiful and fantastic world as a princess who is both rich and pretty!

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