Kick The Buddy: Second Kick

Kick The Buddy: Second Kick

Developer: Playgendary Limited

There are all kinds of weapons available for you to tease and kick Buddy.


Editor's Review :

Kick The Buddy Second Kick is a remarkable anti-stress game. By playing this game, you will feel totally relaxed. And you will be in a better mood. There are all kinds of weapons available for you to tease and kick Buddy. If your performance is good enough, you will unlock all kinds of achievements. Maybe you have already played many games about Buddy, but you should definitely try this one because you will have a new feeling of playing with Buddy. As for the specific skill, it is quite simple for you to play this game. You can always interact with Buddy by using only one of your fingers. And Buddy in this game is really weird. It has this pair of black eyes. And Buddy has no nose, and its neck is made up of rope. You can just tap your finger on any body part of Buddy and pull his hands and feet to stretch him. Buddy's body is very elastic. And the rope around its neck will become so long as soon as you stretch by the arms or legs. It seems that mechanically torturing Buddy is a very stupid thing. But you should definitely try this game. By making all the choices of torturing Buddy, you will have this sense of being seen. And you will feel that you are allowed to make many choices. In your real life, maybe you are always forced to make choices or do things that other people want you to do. But in this virtual world, you can always make your own choices to interact with Buddy in whatever way that you want. You will also be loved by Buddy all the time. No matter what you do, you will not be invisible in this world. And there is no need for you to let other people tell you what you ought to do with Buddy. You will be really, really happy about who you are when you are playing with Buddy. It turns out that you will feel really great if you choose to be yourself because Buddy will never judge you or give you negative opinions. At the end of each round, you will get better. So, whenever you feel depressed or whenever you are in a gloomy mood, you can always play this game. After interacting with Buddy, all your pain and stiffness in the shoulder will disappear all of a sudden. But Buddy has no superpowers. The good news is that Buddy is always so willing to play with you. And Buddy welcomes all kinds of tortures. As long as you feel better, Buddy would like to serve you. In our real life, we always turn to physical therapy whenever we feel pain or suffering. But the therapy is often boring and mechanical. It is hard for us to practice all kinds of physical activities in a consistent way. Even if our physicians tell us directly that it is quite necessary for us to practice all the physical exercises on a regular basis. But it is so impossible for us to use the power of perseverance and practice all these physical exercises on a daily basis. So, the outcome of physical therapy is often not effective. The repetitive exercises are boring. By following the instructions of physicians, you need to repeatedly do the same thing. While you are playing with Buddy, everything is up to you. You can make all the choices about moving which part of your Buddy or stretching which part of Buddy's body. So, you will always have the motivation to continue this adventure with Buddy. There are also all kinds of motivating objects available. You will have the magic potion made by the witch. You can let the vampire bats bite Buddy's body. You can also use the skull bombs to explode Buddy into pieces. This game is really rich in content. And this game is full of imagination. You can always use all kinds of creative weapons to deal with Buddy. Actually, it can definitely help you release all your negative emotions. At the end of each round, you will feel more engaged and confident. You will feel strength and power. There is no need for you to follow any orders. You can torture Buddy by following your own way. This game is also very helpful for you to keep your mental health. Whenever you feel angry about a certain person, you can definitely release all your anger by torturing Buddy. Instead of suppressing all your negative feelings, you can just fully release all your anger towards Buddy. And Buddy is always so willing to serve you. And by playing this game, you will learn to not act like a jerk to yourself, which will bring you psychological and even physical benefits. It is inevitable for us to experience some depressing things in real life, especially in the workplace. But by playing this game, you can always be a jerk to Buddy. If you are doing a very stressful job, you should play this game on a regular basis. Torturing Buddy can help you get rid of all the panic attacks that you may undergo frequently. It seems that all these activities of torturing Buddy are ridiculous. But you will feel totally refreshed after you interact with Buddy in a violent way. This game will really help you with your anxiety and depression. Actually, this game will help players who are undergoing severe stress, but you can always play this game for fun. To your great surprise, this activity of violence will always turn you into an optimistic person. Releasing all your negative energy and bad feelings by violently kicking Buddy will always create optimistic results. You will become calmer in front of dangers and you will be in a stable mind when your boss is scolding you for some minor mistakes. While you are playing this game, there is no need for you to be hardworking or intelligent. You can just be a violent person to release all your stress. There is no need for you to show care and love towards your Buddy. And there is no need for you to feel embarrassed. But it is always sweet to play with Buddy. In your real life, you may always be emotionally guarded. But while you are playing this game, there is no need for you to close your inner world. You can just have a fun time by playing with Buddy. And there is no need for you to be ashamed of having this violent activity. And there is no need for you to try to hide your true feelings in front of Buddy. In a word, this game can effectively help you get rid of your anger and your self-centeredness!

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