Peppa Pig: Polly Parrot

Peppa Pig: Polly Parrot

Developer: Entertainment One

Parents can also play this cute and ingenious game with their kids.


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Editor's Review :

Peppa Pig Polly Parrot is a fun casual game for parents to play with preschool children. If you are a fan of Polly and Peppa, you should definitely join them. Parents can also play this cute and ingenious game with their kids. If you are a parent, by playing this game with your kid, you will get many inspirational ideas about how to successfully and effectively communicate with your kid. In the meantime, all the mini games included in this game encourage preschool children to explore this wonderful world. So your child will have the spirit of self-exploration after finishing all the mini games. If you are a parent, it is also fun to play all these interesting mini games with those cute characters. The music is familiar. And there are lots of cute sound effects. You can encourage your kid to let his or her imagination fly. It is really fun to come up with all kinds of silly sentences for the parrot to repeat. If Polly shows a wonderful performance, you should always reward this cute parrot by feeding her crackers. It is also interesting to play hide and seek with other characters in Peppa's house. You will never get bored with this game. Even if you are an adult, you will always find that it is fascinating to play all these simple but interesting puzzles with your kid, including the dots game. Since this game is aimed at preschool children, so the content is healthy and appropriate. All the mini games are tailored for preschool children. So, your kid will always have a very safe and secure environment in this beautiful world. By playing with this lovable little pig, your kid will learn different communication skills. And during the interaction with this cute pig, your kid will also learn to show tolerance towards other people in real life, because this little pig is always a little bossy and your kid will need to learn how to deal with this bossy pig. There are also many outdoor activities, including visiting friends, going to school, learning ballet, and looking after brothers and sisters. Most of all, all these little characters all share the same love for jumping in muddy puddles. But this game is not purely about having a fun time with your children. If you would like to, you can always go outside and start this journey as a scavenger hunt to teach your children how to use trees as cover and which flower is poisonous. Hopefully, your child will also become familiar with all the items that are necessary for their daily living. And it is really interesting to take part in all these interesting activities and explore the outside world. Explaining the names and the uses of different items to your kid is fun and meaningful. But in the meantime, you should always give your kid the freedom to make his or her own final decision to say whatever your kid wants to say to that parrot and you should always encourage your kid to find the target friend. When playing hide and seek, you should always be creative and let your child come up with his or her own idea for completing different tasks. Children will always learn best through trial and error. So even if your kid fails to complete a certain task, you should always give your kid another chance to finish the experiment and perfect his or her problem-solving skills. Your kid's hiding skills will also be greatly improved by making all these trials and errors. By playing these interesting but practical mini games, your kid will learn to do all kinds of simple things in real life, for instance, your kid will know that if there is any danger, he or she should get into the shelter immediately. When your kid is faced with different problems, your kid will try to analyze the situation and solve the problems through independent thinking. And it is a great thing to play this game with grandma and grandpa because you can together teach the parrot a silly sentence and let the parrot keeps repeating this silly sentence. Soon, you will start to find that this parrot is really amusing. While you are playing the indoor games, you can always teach your kid how to find a safe spot to hide by using the traditional hide-and-seek game. By practicing staying quiet and still, you will help your kid become a skilled hider. Your kid will also feel great satisfaction by successfully hiding in a secure place. As you can see, there are multiple places to hide. So you can just observe whether or not your kid is capable of finding a safe area to hide, which is a really interesting process. By using this wonderful game, you can always show your kid the right ways of hiding. But you should always be patient. In the beginning, your kid may fail to select a perfect place to hide. But after your kid becomes familiar with the surroundings, your kid will manage to find more challenging locations to hide himself or herself, such as in the yard. Before starting the hide-and-seek game, you can always discuss what is the wisest and most effective way to hide. You can tell your kid that all those perfect and professional hiders will find a spot where no one can easily find them and a perfect hider must stay very still and quiet all the time. There is no need for you to rush. You can always give your kid a few minutes to think for himself about where he could hide. The full preparation will always make your kid feel comfortable during the hiding and seeking process. If your kid performs well and if your kid's choice of hiding spot is perfect, you should always let your kid know that he has done a wonderful job. Offering praise and the right advice is very crucial in improving your kid's hiding skills in the next turn. It is also fun to let the child play as the seeker on occasion. Even if this game is based on the original cartoon, all the scenarios are so real. Playing hide and seek games and other similar mini games included in this game will always help your kid better deal with the real-life situation. And your kid will have a better survival instinct by observing how other players try to hide themselves. If your kid can always find places that are safe and offer a lot of covers for him to hide, your kid will have a bigger chance to survive in a real-life situation. And this game will also challenge your kid's strategic thinking ability because by failing to select the perfect hiding spot, your kid will be challenged to improve his or her hiding skill by choosing more strategic spots. At last, your kid will also become more self-confident if he or she can successfully blend into the environment by learning the trick of camouflage and manipulating the items around!

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