Jurassic Monster World

Jurassic Monster World

Developer: Azur Interactive Games Limited

You will have the chance to control a dinosaur to fight against your enemies.


Editor's Review :

Jurassic Monster World Dinosaur War 3D FPS is a glamorous first-person shooting game. And this shooting game contains many creative features. Maybe you have already played many shooting games, but this shooting game is definitely special because you will not shoot with a regular gun. In fact, you will have the golden chance to control a dinosaur to fight against your enemies. On this battleground, you will see many other dinosaurs who are controlled by their masters. The most unbelievable thing is that tanks are put over the back of these dinosaurs. As we all know, dinosaurs are powerful creatures. It is amazing to see dinosaurs who can fly in the sky with tanks on their back. These dinosaurs can be invincible. As long as you can perfectly control your dinosaur, you will have the most addictive shooting experience. As for the specific skill, it is quite simple. You just need to aim precisely and tap on your screen to fire at your enemies. As the game progresses, you will manage to unlock different dinosaurs with totally different special skills. And you will fight against your enemies at different locations. In order to win the final victory, you should not blindly shoot your enemies. Actually, it is quite important for you to come up with a creative strategy to deal with these enemies, especially those enemies who are controlling flying dinosaurs. You should never let your own dinosaur become a target. It is your priority to protect your dinosaur from being destroyed by other dinosaurs around. You must always be the sharpest fighter with a faster reaction speed. You can make full use of the rocks and other buildings around to take cover. Everything in this game is so real. While you are controlling your dinosaur flying through the river, you can just see the water flowing below and everything seems to be so realistic. So, you will get to fully immerse yourself in this fantastic world. Of course, you will be faced with tricky enemies. And it is for sure that your dinosaur will be defeated by stronger enemies from time to time. But no matter what may happen, you must always believe in your own dinosaur. If you play this game for a long time, you will manage to unlock many dinosaurs with different characters. And with each dinosaur, you will have a totally different adventure. It is a hard thing to see your dinosaur collapse. But all these violent and exciting fighting will always make you feel so thrilled that you just cannot resist the temptation to explore more locations and run further. With your dinosaur standing at the mouth of a cave, you and your dinosaur can be fully prepared for another new fight. At such moments, your heart will always be filled with great excitement and strange feelings because the excitement that you experience from controlling a thousand-year-old dinosaur is beyond the description of human words. As you will find, you will become braver and braver. And you will have admirable goals in this world of dinosaurs and fighters. You just want to defeat all the other enemies with your invincible dinosaur. And you will fall in love with your dinosaurs because all these dinosaurs and so creative in design and they do not resemble cartoon characters, actually, all these dinosaurs are so lifelike that you may feel that you are actually controlling the real dinosaurs. And you can see clearly the different body parts of these dinosaurs. And you will not be forced to fight against your enemy in some closed space. Actually, you will fight against the dinosaurs and their brave fighters on open land. The whole fighting experience is amazing! With graphic photo realism, you can see everything clearly. You will see the rocks, the trees, the grass, and other creatures on the land. Everything is full of life. If you are truly into dinosaurs, you will notice that you unconsciously unlock so many awesome items for your dinosaurs and your dinosaurs will become so powerful and so brave in front of enemies because you will also instill your own brave spirits into these dinosaurs. If you choose to play this game for a very long time, these dinosaurs will represent spirits that precisely resemble the brave fighting spirit owned by you. As their sole master, you should always fight bravely and you can never surrender. Otherwise, other players will make jokes about your lousy performance. And you will not withstand the scene of being ridiculed by other dinosaur-controlling masters. Inevitably, you will be faced with powerful enemies. But it is definitely worthwhile for you to challenge yourself and figure out a way of killing this powerful enemy by taking all kinds of advantages that you can think of. After you successfully defeat this seemingly impossible-to-defeat enemy, you will even smell the victory in the air at the end of the battle.So, this game will definitely enhance your self-confidence. And if you are a male player, this game will make you feel the ultimate masculine power in the process of controlling this gigantic and powerful dinosaur. This game will meet all your expectations that you may look forward to while you are playing a shooting game. This game combines shooting with fighting. There are many violent scenes, but it is so exciting to watch your dinosaur fighting against another dinosaur. In the meantime, you can also press the shooting button to shoot down all the enemies from the back of your dinosaur. Never in your life had you had that chance to shoot down your enemies from the back of a dinosaur with tanks. Sometimes, your dinosaur will be the one who gets killed, which is a rather depressing thing. So in order to become the ultimate predator, you need to find means to upgrade your dinosaurs and keep fighting. This game will introduce you to a wholly new but harsh world. You will witness the evolution of dinosaurs. And you will realize that dinosaurs are a kind of amazing creatures with fantastic character. While you are playing this game, you will not feel that your dinosaurs are not abstract creatures or weapons. Actually, you may feel that your whole body just merges into one with the tank and with your dinosaur. Anyway, it is wonderful to fly in the sky with your powerful dinosaur while shooting at the enemies down below!

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