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You just need to put three same tiles together.


Editor's Review :

Homescapes is a fantastic match-three puzzle game. While you are playing this game, you will feel totally relaxed. If you are one of fans of match-three puzzle games, you should definitely play this game. It is quite simple. You just need to put three same tiles together. The whole process of matching the same tiles together is just like doing magic. You will unconsciously become addicted to this game. But the most fabulous thing is that this game can activate your brain. As the game progresses, you will have the chance to get many boosters. But in order to get as many boosters as possible, you will be motivated to put more same tiles together. If you play this game for a very long time, you will become more strategic in terms of putting all the same tiles together. It seems that this is a quite simple game. And the whole gameplay is straightforward. But the master is the one who can get the highest score while playing the simplest game. So, if you can get the highest score by matching the same tiles together, you will get a deep sense of satisfaction. You will refuse to stop playing this game until you successfully unlock all the boosters and complete all the levels. Besides, this game is not just a typical match-three puzzle game, that is to say, you will not match the tiles without any purpose. Actually, if your performance is good enough, you will get all kinds of awesome rewards. And these rewards are not just gold coins or other symbolic things. Actually, you will get new carpets, sofas, and other new furniture to decorate your own dream house. The whole process of decorating your own dream house by completing all the puzzles is really meaningful. This game combines house design with the puzzle game. So, things will become more interesting. Compared with other similar puzzle games, you will have more choices. You can choose the color of the carpet that you like. And you can build a wholly new garden for your new house. So, this game gives you the opportunity to show your own taste in terms of interior decoration. And this game will give you some insightful ideas about decorating your house. You can try and combine different colors and different furniture together to see the effect. In real life, maybe it is difficult and expensive to do such a thing because you cannot afford to waste so many materials. And if you buy the room furniture, it would be really hard for you to get a refund or return the furniture. But in this virtual world, there is no need for you to worry about such trivial things. The only thing you need to consider is to get the perfect combination of different colors and different shapes together to make your house become perfect. It is obvious that there are numerous players around the world who get addicted to playing match-three puzzle games because such games can really help relax the nerves, especially at the end of a hard day. So if you are undergoing lots of pressure in real life, you should definitely play this game. By matching the same tiles together, you will also manage to strengthen your abstract thinking ability, because you can see that all the tiles are randomly placed. So, you need to figure out the right way of putting the same tiles together, which is not an easy thing; because you need to predict the exact location of all the tiles after you move a certain tile. This game will always motivate you to think ahead. If you can predict the next three, or even four moves to clear as many tiles as possible, you will feel psychologically satisfied. This is the exact reason why players around the whole world love such a simple match-three puzzle game so much. It seems that this is an easy match-three puzzle game. But in the meantime, it provides you with a comfortable degree of challenge. So you will get a deeper sense of satisfaction after you complete a certain level. And in this world, there is no need for you to be a hero or a qualified worker to prove your identity and your value. In this world, you can just fully relax and build your own dream house. It takes time to decorate a house in reality. But in this virtual world, you can finish so much decoration work by using only one of your fingers. You will feel so great every time you manage to complete a level and get a new piece of furniture as your reward, which is just like a miracle! It feels so great to do so many wonderful things by only moving one of your fingers. And the dream house created by you in this world is the unique dream house because you instill love, passion and warmth into this dream house through your finger and your heart. Besides, you should never underestimate the difficulty level of this game. In the beginning, the levels are quite simple, because there are not too many tiles for you to clear. And most of the same tiles are next to each other. But after you play for some time, you will be faced with more tiles. And you will notice that it becomes harder and harder for you to put the same tiles together to clear them. If you are impatient, you will give up when you fail to complete the same level several times. But if you are a persistent player, you will figure out your own ways of completing all the levels without giving up. Of course, after you successfully conquer all the levels of different features, you will feel that you are the true master of playing match-three puzzle games. So, there is no need for you to be intimidated by the difficulty level of this game. After you manage to conquer all the challenging levels, your skills in playing match-three puzzle games will also be greatly improved. You will become more and more proficient in completing a certain level without spending too much time and without going through any struggle. Anyway, if you are truly interested in playing match-three puzzle games or if you are a person who can always find charm and mystery in match-three puzzle games, you should definitely play this game. If you would like to spend time analyzing the layout of the puzzle and the design of the tiles, you will always find the rules behind the game. If you can manage to find the trick of solving all the puzzles, you will be invincible! Eventually, you will have this instinct to know which tile to move first. After you become a master, you will complete a level without even using your brain. It seems that your instinctively know which tile to move first!

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