Food Gang

Food Gang

Developer: Bloop Games

You will have 14 unique characters with totally different skills.


Editor's Review :

This is a really fun shooting game. You will have 14 unique characters with totally different skills. It is really exciting to play this shooting game. If your performance is good enough, you will manage to claim incredible rewards. And it is really addicting to fight against those random opponents. While you are playing this game, you must always concentrate on your fighting. Otherwise, it is highly possible for you to get killed. You will fight against your enemies on totally different platforms. Some platforms are located on the flat ground, but some platforms are located in the middle of the air. So you need to jump onto this high platform before you shoot. If you get distracted, it is very likely for you to get killed by the flying bullets which have no eyes. The whole gameplay is really interesting. And the whole battle is intense. There is no time for you to think. But it will make you feel awesome to win all the trophies. And by completing all the challenges, you will unlock new skills and new weapons. If you would like to, you can always invite your best friends to play this shooting game together. And this whole battle is for survival. If you cannot kill your opponent first, you will be the one who gets killed. So it is not the right time to think about all the moral codes. You must try your best to help your partner and get rid of all those opponents by keep shooting. The controls are pretty easy to use. You can use the left, right, up and down buttons to control the moving directions of your character and the upward arrow is used for jumping. This separate high jump button can let your character jump really high. If you press the weapon button, you can use the weapon to shoot. As you keep leveling up, you will unlock more fighters and more sophisticated shooting skills. There are altogether 50 wonderful skills available. The more stars you collect, the more rewards you will claim. So it is definitely worthwhile for you to make all your efforts. Besides, the graphics and the animation are gorgeous. And the characters are all so adorable. The fighting effect is awesome. All in all, this wonderful shooting game will replenish you with joy, fun and entertainment. You will fall in love with these adorable characters and the special abilities owned by these characters. Actually, you will notice that these characters are really adorable. You may have a watermelon-shaped character with small feet and the hat of a pirate. So all these characters are designed in a rather creative way. While you are battling against the enemies, you will have your own teammate. The thing is that you will need perfect online Internet connection because all these battles are online battles. In order to win the final victory, you should always control your character with an attitude. The enemies will be intimidated by your brave fighting attitude. Even if you have never played similar games, there is no need for you to worry about the control system, because the controls are quite simple. The virtual movement stick is located on the left side of the screen. And the jump buttons and the attack buttons are located on the right side of the screen. But you must apply the right type of attack. If you use the wrong attack skill, or if you attack your enemies at the wrong time, you will lose your battle. And your choice will depend on your character's skills and special weapons. All these characters look like some kind of food, including broccoli, watermelon, donut, pepper and tomato and so on. But it is really fun to control the food-shaped characters. They look so cool when they are fighting against the enemies by holding totally different weapons, including the machine guns. They are so cool when they are fighting against the enemies by using a variety of lethal weapons. It will not consume you too much time to complete a battle as all the battles are short. So you can start the battle at any time. In fact, each battle last only a minute. Before the time runs out, if your team can manage to get the highest score, you will be the winning side and you will get a large amount of points which can be used to continue unlocking new characters. It is really satisfying to add new characters to your collection. The tomato with a bazooka, that donut with a shotgun and the banana with the machine gun are fantastic! Maybe this shooting game seems a little wacky, but you will love its awesome visuals and the unique character designing. The battles are also perfect for you to kill your spare time, because you can always play the battles at any time of the day. Once you start playing this amazing shooting game, it is really hard for you to stop. You just want to shoot more and more enemies and you just want to unlock more characters with totally different skills. Sometimes, you may feel frustrated because there is no way for you and your team members to destroy the powerful enemies. But there is no need for you to feel discouraged. After you unlock crazy characters, you will be invincible and you will get your revenge by wiping out all the enemies. Anyway, if you love playing shooting games, you should seize the chance to try this cool and addictive shooting game. You will have a really exciting fighting adventure with your tomato fighter. This fast and fun shooting game will make you fully immerse yourself into this world. And you will eventually unlock all the 14 food characters. Besides, if you can collect all the stars along the way, you will have the golden chance to claim abundant rewards. If you cannot find any real friends to play this game with you, the system will always match you with other random online opponents. So there is no need for you to worry that you cannot find anyone to enjoy this game together. If your performance is good enough, and if you can win the final victory, you will collect awesome skins. Every time when you successfully unlock a new skin, your gaming experience will also be refreshed. At last, the two-team battle mode is also quite straightforward, but it is really fun. So what are you still waiting for? It is time for you to enjoy the shooting and burn out all the enemies!

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