Grand Theft Auto IV

Grand Theft Auto IV

Developer: Rockstar Games

In this world, the distance between reality and your dream is huge.


Editor's Review :

Grand Theft Auto IV is an immensely popular game. By playing this game, you will play as Nico who is living in the most terrible city in the United States. In this world, the distance between reality and your dream is huge. Money and social status are above everything else. But your character is in a disadvantageous position. So, you must try and help your character get rid of his disastrous past and live a better life. But life in this world is full of both opportunities and potential dangers at the same time. Of course, it is not an easy task to build a new life in chaos. So, it would be better for you to play with your friends in multiplayer mode. But loyalty is also a very rare thing in this harsh world.Sometimes, it is really hard for you to know whom you can trust because everyone can be bought with money. And different people have different identities and their own life problems. Since people will betray you for all kinds of reasons. Your friends may also betray you against their will under some circumstances. So, it is quite normal for you to feel lost and frustrated for failing to realize your dreams. Since this city is corrupted by violence and dishonesty, you will have a fairly struggling time. The good news is that you will always have all kinds of tools and vehicles to realize your dreams. For instance, you can always control your helicopters to deal with those giant ships that are controlled by the villains. While you are trying to survive in this world, you will come across many absurd things and atrocities. But you should never apply a mild way to deal with those merciless enemies when you are in danger. There is no use for you to tolerate violence in this world. If you show your weakness, next time, your enemies will crush you down without showing any mercy. Nothing can be predicted beforehand. In this world, you will have the chance to rewrite your own life story. And in this world, your priority is to survive. Constantly, you will be challenged by mafia gangs equipped with different weapons. But you should not be tempted to fight useless battles. You must ask yourself a series of questions before you do anything stupid. Otherwise, you will be manipulated by other forces. In order to survive, you must never sacrifice your own benefit for the sake of others. While you are fighting, all the parts of your brain will be activated. And you will have conflicting feelings, but you should always watch out for these feelings because your decisions should be associated with rational deliberation instead of fleeting feelings. You must do all the things that will bring you the biggest rewards. Weighing the pros and cons of a certain task will bring you the maximum profit, which is the only way for you to change your fate. You must always remind yourself that no one is really your friend. When you are faced with dangerous enemies, you must fight bravely and wisely. And you will never let yourself chew on the loser's remorse. What you will notice is that almost everything in this world does not make sense. So, you only need to follow your original motivations to plan your next actions. After accumulating enough experiences based on past failures, you will know exactly what things you should approach, and what people you should reject. Gradually, you will become smarter and smarter. And you will get your own trick of surviving in this world without being eaten by other stronger forces. It is an interesting thing to do a more sophisticated job of figuring out your fighting plan, especially when your enemies outnumber you. You should never take things for granted. And you should always control your bad temper because negative feelings will lead to disastrous failures. Feelings continue to be what ultimately steer you through your life in this world. So, you must always keep calm and have a callous heart. If life in this world is too hard for you, you can always forge alliances with other players and start rigorous fighting.Actually, if you are a person who is really good at imagining different ways to impress people and unite all the fighters together, you will be held in high esteem and you will feel so good after winning the final victory through rigorous fighting. And it is really fun to release your violent nature in this world. It feels better after you climb higher on the social leader. No matter what you do, there is no need for you to worry about any actual physical pain or damage. So, it is addictive to do all kinds of violent and crazy things that you have ever been dreaming to do in real life. And no matter what you do, you will never suffer from the pain of social rejection. But you must always have self-control and your reason must always prevail over your impulsive feelings. Unruly passions will always sabotage your strategic plans. So even if you are faced with formidable temptations, you must always think carefully before you make that decision to participate in a dangerous activity. Inevitably, you will do violent and bloody things to protect yourself. And all these things may be guilt-inducing, but no matter what may happen, you should always control your feelings and continue your adventure in order to live a long and happy life in this world. You must directly face all the struggles by using your wisdom. Constantly, you will experience clashes in choosing which value system or clinging to which feeling while you are playing this game. But you should always follow your instinct and let your reason guide you. There is no doubt that we have all kinds of desires. Usually, in real life, our desires will not be met because of all kinds of restrictions. But in this world, as long as you are brave enough and you are willing to explore and build a new life for yourself, you can definitely satisfy all your desires, which is fantastic, but it is not just purely for experiencing exciting feelings. In the meantime, fulfilling all your desires that cannot be met in real life in this virtual world can be very good for you to maintain your mental balance. In this world, you will no longer be a slave to a certain boss. You can always fight for your own benefit by following your own way. It is exciting to make full use of the advantages owned by different forces to your own benefit.If you think that you can also be a qualified leader, you can always gather your own forces to expand your power in this world. But you should always watch out for any misleading information.If you can successfully manage all the forces with a set of tactics and make a very strong team with perfect working efficiency, you will always have a feeling of pride and you will always feel energetic in front of challenges and you deserve to be respected by all your men, given how hard you worked for their benefits. If some of your men disobey your order, you should always be a stern judge instead of a lenient judge. And you should always stick to your own belief systems for other people in your team to follow. In the end, you will have a very strong team with long-term goals. It is a glorious thing to survive in this vice city. And all your friends will be amazed at your wonderful performance if you can unite different people with different personalities and belief systems together to make this world a more harmonious place for everyone to live and enjoy!

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