Five Nights at Freddy's

Five Nights at Freddy's

Developer: Clickteam USA LLC

It's time for you to start your life-and-death adventure with these animatronic robots!


Editor's Review :

Five Nights at Freddy's is a classic horror game. By playing this game, you will work as an employee staff at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza house. Kids and parents will visit this place to get food and entertainment. Here, you will meet Fazbear and other characters who are all animatronic robots. These robots are programmed to entertain customers. All these animatronic robots are normal during the day, but they will become somewhat unpredictable at night. You will work here because it was much cheaper to hire you. But it is a quite challenging job to become a qualified security guard. You will also be a repairman. If something is wrong, you must make sure that the broken camera will be repaired and everything is normal. You do not have a big office. So, you must move very carefully. From your small office, you can basically watch everything through the camera. You must always keep focusing on security cameras. The thing is that you only have a limited amount of electricity per night, which means you will have no security doors and no lights when you run out of electricity. If Freddy bear and his friends are not in the proper places, you need to find them and you need to protect yourself. The hobby of playing horror games may be perplexing for people who are afraid of watching horror movies or anything about the horror genre. But actually, the fear derived from playing horror games can actually make you feel pretty good. All these horrifying activities and threats will trigger a fight-or-flight response. When you are in danger, your whole body will change. And your body will be fully prepared to deal with any potential dangers. The suspense will always make you become addicted to this weird feeling. During this process, your body will release all kinds of chemicals that will change how your brain cells and your body will function. During this critical moment, your whole mind will shut down. You will no longer be haunted by the critical thought that you constantly experience. While you are feeling pain and horror, you usually want to have more power. And you will become more energetic. You will no longer let yourself get caught up in words and human thoughts that normally occupy your brain. In this horrifying context, you will focus on your survival. The dangers are real, but your body is in a safe environment. So, you can do all kinds of crazy things without worrying about the consequences. You can allow yourself to fully concentrate on survival. It is really addicting to trigger this high arousal response; you will fully enjoy the natural high of being scared. All these animatronic robots will always scare you out of your expectation. If you are a person who always wants to try different types of thrills, this game is perfect for you. You will squeal with delight and sometimes, you will retreat in terror, especially when you run out of power. The fear that you experience while you are dealing with the animatronic robots will always bring the natural high. In fact, doing all the horrifying things will always make you feel satisfied. Dealing with these animatronic robots that you are afraid of with your own wisdom will always give you a nice boost of self-esteem. When you successfully make it through to the end, you will feel a sense of accomplishment. During this process, your brain literally knows that all the dangers and the animatronic robots are not real. And these robots cannot bring any damage to you. But your body tells you otherwise. So, you always feel this great excitement because the fear feels so real. When you make it through, you will have this sense of satisfaction, which also feels so real. In the beginning, you may be too horrified to gather yourself together. But gradually, you will get accustomed to the spooky atmosphere, which is a great psychological adaptation. This kind of experience will always help you have the right balance of wit and bravery. In front of danger, you will always manage to keep calm and know exactly when is the right time for you to push through your fear and when it is time for you to make the right decision to retreat in order to protect yourself. Fear is actually contagious. When you hear the animatronic robots scream, you will also unconsciously scream. All the voices in this game will intensify your own emotional experience. You will feel closer to your true self during times of fear. And your body will release the hormone oxytocin during the exciting moment. By playing this name, you can directly feel that fear is actually a powerful emotional experience. And the fear of those animatronic robots will always trigger a strong reaction. If you are really into horror games, you should definitely play this game. It is not only about experiencing thrilling things but the interactions with these animatronic robots will also unconsciously go into your memory. And it is not purely about storing this thrilling or exciting feeling in your body or in your mind. The most important thing is that you will learn empathy while you are interacting with these animatronic bears. If you are a true horror fan and if you are an authentic horror hound, you must be a very empathetic person because by playing horror games, you will not only derive great pleasure from interacting with the horrifying characters and dealing with all the spooky things, but also you will get rid of this inclination of feeling superior to others. You can always feel somebody else's feelings in a very direct way. You will care about other people's emotional experiences. It is really hard for you to put a name to this empathy. You can literally feel this alien feeling that this horror game cultivated in you. Actually, this game is not that kind of violent. You will see no blood and guts. Playing this horror game will definitely encourage you to have a deeper connection with people. And this horror game actually hinges on empathy. While you are playing this game, you will feel the primal emotion of horror. Although these animatronic characters are not kind and sweet, you will always care about these characters because they are still so sweet and kind during the day. You will literally imagine yourself in this pizza house. Of course, you will be devastated when you are killed. But it is not about becoming some heroic character. It is more about showing your empathy towards spiteful and manipulative animatronic robots. After you have this ability of empathy and after you show your empathy towards these energetic robots, you will realize that actually, they are not that kind of terrifying. Now it is time for you to start your life-and-death adventure with these animatronic robots!

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