Bike Jump

Bike Jump

Developer: BoomBit Games

You will always perform at your maximum ability!


Editor's Review :

Bike Jump is an extreme sports simulation game. If you are a thrill seeker, you should definitely try this game. As human beings, we had this urge to challenge our extremes since we were kids, for instance, we always try and see if we can lift a heavy rock or we can jump over a stream. It is really fun to test your limits. Sometimes, you will be amazed at your wonderful and exceptional performance, but of course, in real life, you will suffer from all kinds of physical and mental casualties for trying all these extreme adventures without thinking about the consequences. But in this virtual world, you can just drop down all your concerns. And you can always drive safely with danger side by side. It is really fun to release your passion for driving bikes in dangerous places. You will experience severe weather and difficult terrain, but all these challenges will not intimidate you. On the contrary, because of these unexpected dangers and tricky situations, you will be further motivated to challenge yourself and continue your adventure. Everything in this game is so real. When you are jumping from a high place, it makes you feel that you are literally jumping from a very high platform. So you can see how you will deal with fear in front of dangerous situations. Since you know that there will be no mats available to catch you when you drop onto the ground, you will try every means to help your avatar avoid all the dangerous situations. Maybe you think that it is silly to try to reach the board that is waiting for you at the end of the destination. At first sight, the whole adventure seems to be easy and simple, but once you try it for yourself, you will notice that it requires great patience. You cannot complete the adventure by trying only once, because you will be required to upgrade both your vehicle and your character's abilities to successfully reach the final destination. If your character or the vehicle lacks the power, it is impossible for you to reach the final destination. Actually, this game is quite popular around the whole world. And there is even a huge surge in participation in these extreme sports. But this does not mean that everybody can be an excellent player. So in order to successfully upgrade all your vehicles and your player's driving abilities, you must always be dedicated to your adventure and you need to control your vehicles in a rather creative way. Since this is a virtual world, you do not need to worry about any potential dangers and you are allowed to perform tricks you have never done before. This is an exciting world of extreme sports. There are no strict rules of any kind. You just need to enjoy all the fun and complete all your tasks. Once you start, you will not be satisfied with the normal way of driving your vehicle to the final destination and completing your tasks. You will always be eager to come up with new ways to drive higher and faster. If you can successfully control your bike, you will feel absolute freedom when your vehicle is flying in the air. If you can let your bike fly in the air for a very long time, you will get lots of gold coins. These coins can be used to upgrade your vehicle and unlock new bikes. In this world, you will have no coach to force you to drive your bike in a certain way. You can just create your own way of driving your awesome bikes and you can figure out what you can do in front of different dangers. The trial and error process will make you realize that falling onto the ground with your bike is a natural process. Even if you have tried many extreme sports games, you should not miss this one because you have totally different locations and extreme road conditions to try. You will always come across something new and exciting. Everything in this world is so attractive that it is really hard for you to stop because you are always the direct participant instead of one of the spectators. And it is the best world for you to experience freedom, fun, and excitement at the same time. There is no violence, no groups, and no competition. You just need to be a free bike rider. It is really exciting to take all the risks and complete all the challenging tasks to test your bike-driving limits. Your adrenaline level will be so high when you directly deal with these dangers and put your life on the line. And you will fall in love with the adrenaline rush that comes with this extreme bike-riding activity. If you are a player who shares a genuine passion for extreme bike riding, you will definitely love this game and you will certainly find the secret to becoming a perfect bike rider. In the beginning, you may be satisfied with the completion of your task. But after you play for some time, you will no longer be satisfied with your mediocre bike-riding performance. You want to achieve excellent performance with your hard work and dedication. While you are playing this game, you will feel no stress of any kind. You will just feel excited all the time. It is really fun to drive your bike down a steep hill. Sometimes, you may yell out loud out of excitement. But you will not always be an expert. You may feel exhausted from trying the same track far too many times, but after you finally nail it, you will feel a deep sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. This sense of joy and satisfaction will always allure you to come back. If you are really enthusiastic about extreme bike-riding adventures, you know that true extreme bike-riding sports are about having fun. And the best bike rider is the one who is having the most fun. When you are challenging the difficulties and the dangers, you will always be present, focused, and fully alive. It is great to enjoy the feeling of being totally and deeply engaged in your favorite activity. When you are fully immersing yourself in this amazing world, you will notice and you will experience a state where everything from the outside world fades and falls away. What you get from this amazing adventure is just sheer joy. And you will never be disturbed in this world. There are also some other skateboarders or people doing other activities in the background, but you will never interact with them. So there is no need for you to impress others. You just need to enjoy yourself. In this world, riding awesome bikes is an expression of your true self and is an extension of yourself. While you are flying in the air with your bike, you will always feel that you are just a superhero. In order to have your best performance and to get the final destination, you must perfectly handle your fear while you are in the air with your bike because while you are doing such extreme sports, your mind, your body, and your brain are just screaming at you, "you should not let yourself get involved in such a dangerous activity and it is definitely unnatural", but you must conquer your instinct for safety and conquer your fear. Anyway, even if you have no proper protective gear and other fantastic things like a parachute to keep your safety, you will never get physical damage because this is a virtual game. So you can just fully enjoy your favorite sports game and forget about all the potential injuries. Getting rid of all the potential worries, you can just perform all kinds of cool tricks. Now it is time for you to show your true bike-riding attitude and enthusiasm. If you are truly into bike-riding sports, you will always perform at your maximum ability!

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