Developer: Tencent Games

There are many maps in this game, including desert, snow land and jungle.


Editor's Review :

This is the most popular battle royale game around the whole world. This is a widely accepted and the most popular battle royale. You will like the content of conversation while you are talking with your friends. And this game is a perfect channel for you to strengthen the bond with your friends and other family members, especially during holidays. You can make a team together and fight against rivals. Nothing can be more exciting than this! You will experience lots of thrills and excitement along this adventure. It is highly possible for you to become addicted to this game because it includes so many creative characters. And it seems that you will never get bored with this game, because you can always make new friends in this game. If you cannot find any real friends or other family members to enjoy this game with you, you can always team up with other online players from different parts of the world. You will enjoy the extreme battles. Each battle actually lasts only 10 minutes. So you can join all the matches anytime and anywhere. There are also lots of events for you to explore. If you can climb really high on the leader board, you will feel so proud of yourself. Compared with other similar games, this game will provide you with the most realistic shooting experience. You will also have lots of fun by looting weapons and supplies. But you must make sure that you will come up with some strategies and land on the most advantageous location at the beginning. It is so exciting to play as a mercenary who parachutes along with up to 99 other players on this island. Once you land, you must scavenge for useful weapons, ammo and other supplies. If you can be the last man standing, you will be the final winner. Of course, this is a death match. You can not hesitate. And there is no time for you to waste. At first, you can see that the map is quite large. But as the game progresses, the map shrinks. There will also be electrical storm around the island. Eventually, the map will become a smaller circle, which will force all the survivors together to fight against each other. So while you are playing this game, you can never get distracted. As soon as your mind is thinking something else, you will be shot to death. The whole concept of this game is quite simple, but it is really hard for you to become the last survivor. At first, you have only your fist. But if you move fast and carefully, you will find a weapon. As long as you stay in the circle, you can keep moving and get rid of other survivors. After you kill other players, you will get more weapons, vehicles and other useful things for you to survive on this island. If you are lucky, you will also get a random piece of clothing for your character. Besides, this game has the voice chat. So while you are playing this game, you can always chat with your friends. Besides, there are also vehicles available for you to drive. All the controls are also accurate. You also have the floating button, which makes the shooting as simple as tapping where your finger already sets, rather than having to really orient your hand to reach the exact spot that fires a gun. Items can be automatically picked up and equipped while you are shooting and running forward. So you will not go through any tedious menu management. If you want to efficiently remove all the other survivors, you can just drive a jeep and let your friend sit in the passenger's seat to shoot with a gun, which can help you run around the perimeter of the circle without making any efforts. So what are you still waiting for? It is time for you to play this awesome shooting game. You will love the good-looking pictures. The whole game is designed in a creative way. You will have totally different weapons and characters. You can even hear the footsteps of your enemies. So the whole game is really realistic. Even if this is a virtual game, while you are playing this game, you will just fully immerse yourself into this world. While you are running forward, you can even hear your own breath. The atmosphere is so intense. Sometimes, you are so eager to be the final winner that you cannot withstand the fact that you make a tiny mistake. But if you can be the final winner or the last survivor standing there, you will feel so proud of yourself! It seems that all the glory in this world belongs to you. And you just cannot resist the urge to share this fabulous record with your friends and other family members. Of course, you can always share your amazing records on popular social media platforms. It cannot be denied that we, as human beings, have this inborn nature for violence, thrill and excitement, or even blood. But in our real life, we are forbidden to do anything that may hurt other people or bring damage to our environment. But in this virtual world, you can get rid of all those concerns. There is no need for you to worry that all the bullets may pierce through the trees and kill all the living things. You are allowed to break down some houses and destroy some fancy cars. As long as you can survive, you are allowed to do anything in this world. Now it is time for you to show your unparalleled shooting skills and unshakable will for survival! Overall, this game is very popular around the whole world. If you can be the final winner on this deserted island, you will feel so good and you will feel that you are the real survivor. Of course, during your adventure, you need to pick up lots of weapons and you will be faced with many dangers and enemies. But no matter what may happen, you must rely on your wisdom and your fantastic shooting skills to survive. You should never underestimate the difficulty level of this game and the super powers owned by your enemies. Your enemies will just come out of nowhere and kill you out of your expectations. So you must always keep alert. If you can manage to be the only survivor, you will have this sense of unparalleled fulfillment!

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