Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart Tour

Developer: Nintendo Co., Ltd.

Race with all those familiar and awesome characters.


Editor's Review :

Mario Kart Tour is the most fascinating racing simulation game for children to play. It is not that kind of difficult to understand the whole mechanic. In the meantime, it is really fun to race with all those familiar and awesome characters. You can race against other players from different parts of the world. And you can race in totally different locations. If your performance is good enough, you will have the golden chance to collect new drivers, new batteries, and new racing cars. In order to complete all the racing tasks at a fast speed, you can try to achieve more combos to get a higher score. But you will never get bored with this racing adventure because there are so many creative features you can enjoy. All the racing cars are created in such an adorable way. Some drivers and racers are even not humans. Some cars are controlled by sunflowers or some exotic but cute animals. So this game is full of imagination. And your kids will be so thrilled to collect all the event tokens. And the racing adventure is also special. The cart will not remain in the same form or at the same speed. It is more like that your cart is merged into one with your character. And they can do the same jump at the same time. The whole racing feeling is fantastic! And it is so cool to collect all the gold coins floating in the air while driving your favorite racing car. Since this is a virtual game, there is no need for you to worry that your cute character may get injured while doing some crazy stunts. If you are a parent, you can definitely try this wonderful racing game with your kid. But it is time for you to slow down because your child's reaction speed is not that kind of fast. And your child may need some guidance from you when he or she is challenged by some really intimidating obstacles placed on the racing track. And you should always remember that time with kids is never wasted. So you should just fully concentrate on discovering your own little pleasures while you are racing forward. Fear of losing control of a racing car may prevent your child from racing at a crazy speed or taking high risks. But you can just give your child some support and encourage your child to race at a faster speed while controlling the balance of the racing car. Once your child is capable of handling both the speed and balance of the racing car at the same time, you will be amazed at your child's excellent performance. And this is also a wonderful opportunity for you to practice your parenting skills. Patience is the key to a wonderful performance. And it means a lot to value your kid's racing efforts. If you observe really carefully, you will always find your kid's behavior pattern through playing this game. You will notice how your kid will interact with other friends and how your kid will react in front of an unexpected danger or obstacle. It is really fun for your kid to take all these adventurous racing tasks in this safe environment. Kids are just like creatures from another planet. So everything in this world will be full of surprises for them. Racing with other players from different parts of the world will definitely make kids feel excited and energetic all the time. When we are interacting with outside objects or people, we usually get energy from this person or we lose our energy because of the interaction with this person. So obviously, while your kid is interacting with this beautiful racing world and with friends in this new world, your kid is always taking energy from this amazing world. And by playing this game, you can help your kid increase his or her concentration ability because while the child is racing at a crazy speed, there is no time and no space in his or her mind to think about other things. So your child will be fully in the present moment and be totally nonjudgmental. This can help increase your child's awareness and clarity. In this way, your child will manage to better control the direction of his or her racing car. And you should not criticize your child for making some mistakes or not performing the perfect jump combos during this adventure. By playing this wonderful racing game together, you should help your child understand that a significant and terrible mistake is also the perfect opportunity to learn what you should not do in the next racing round. This is also the same thing in our life. If you make a mistake, there is no need for you to overreact. The most important thing is to understand and realize that you can just regard this mistake as an opportunity to learn what you should not do in the future. And perhaps this terrible mistake may provide you with a great insight into a new and better approach to solving similar problems next time. Besides, you can help your child understand that all these challenges and obstacles placed on the racing track can be conquered by applying different ways, but applying different ways does not mean blindless racing. Actually, it is more about viewing challenges and obstacles from different angles. Your child will become more optimistic and energetic because your child always knows that there is always a possibility for him or her to conquer this obstacle ahead by coming up with a totally new way. And there are so many racing tracks available. So if you and your child play this racing game for a really long time, you will naturally see that even the most difficult racing track always offers some unexpected opportunities and advantages for you to complete your task. The key is flexible thinking. Of course, it is not that kind of easy to always have a flexible mind while racing at a crazy speed. But with a good dose of optimism and practice, you can always find some means to conquer the obstacle ahead. From time to time, your kid may make some mistakes, but this whole game will always keep your child motivated because there is always a destination to reach. So your child always has a sense of purpose. And every time your child successfully races to the final destination after performing all the awesome stunts, your child will always feel the inexpressible joy. At last, this whole world is so colorful. Your kid will love the cute style of all the graphics. The racing tracks are not always flat, but your child will fall in love with these racing tracks that are full of both gold coins and obstacles at the same time. Whenever your child is rewarded with some boosters that can take the car flying in the air, things will be more exciting. All these racing tracks are so dangerous and exciting at the same time! Racing in this dreamy world is the coolest thing! It is like you are racing on the edge of the cliff. But controlling your cart on these dangerous racing tracks will always make you feel awesome. It is not about mechanically racing forward and collecting all the gold coins. It is also about taking advantage of all the items around or even the features of different racing tracks and collecting all the mysterious power-ups to complete all the challenges. Anyway, this is a perfect racing simulation game for kids to play. This world is full of excitement and mystery. The kids will be attracted by these exotic creatures and the beautiful scenery. If you are a parent, you should certainly enjoy this amazing adventure with your kid to explore the island, ice mountain, primitive forest, and other amazing places. This unparalleled racing adventure will become an unforgettable part of your valuable memory together!

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