Bus Driver

Bus Driver

Developer: SCS Software

It can help you learn the basics of driving the bus.


Editor's Review :

Bus Driver is a great bus-driving simulation game. If you have always been dreaming about being a bus driver in the city, you should definitely try this game, because it can help you learn the basics of driving the bus. And you will enjoy yourself a lot during this adventure. All the tasks are not that kind of difficult. You just need to pick up all the kids and transport them safely to their destination. While you are carrying out your transportation tasks, you will learn the steering and the skills of avoiding other vehicles. It is really exciting to perform dangerous tasks, including transporting dangerous criminals from one place to another place. You should know that these prisoners are leading and important figures in the criminal world. So,they will never give up the attempts to escape. And they will come up with different means to break free. In order to successfully complete your transportation task, you should drive as fast as you can. Whenever you are transporting criminals and prisoners to the destination, you must focus because it requires skills to drive at a crazy speed without crashing or causing any unnecessary trouble. But after you finish the practice, you will have the ability to better control your bus. And you will get the trick of successfully avoiding all the vehicles around you. The most important thing is that you will enjoy yourself a lot, especially when the sky is clear and there are not too many vehicles on the road. At such moments, you will always experience a kind of godliness in your heart. You will manage to experience life to the fullest. Gradually, you will come to feel a discipline that is not farced. Everything in your heart and mind is in order. Maybe in real life, you always experience chaos in your mind. But while you are driving your favorite bus in this beautiful world, you will no longer feel any burden. On the contrary, you will always have the chance to enjoy the sense of absolute freedom. And everything is so harmonious. You will constantly drive into the unknown. The scenery alongside the road keeps changing. So, you will never get bored with this bus-driving adventure. In this world, you will have a peaceful life and you will always feel perfectly happy. Besides, you will be so willing to pour all your energy into your driving career. But in order to create your own driving record, you must follow the timetable. If you can successfully finish your tasks without delay, you will earn anon-time bonus. You can also earn extra bonus points by successfully stopping in the perfect position at each bus stop. It is not an easy task to follow the traffic rules while avoiding all the other vehicles. But you must try your best. Otherwise, you will get penalties for violating the traffic rules. All of your efforts will not be wasted. You will always feel so relaxed at the end of each adventure. And you will never feel the pressure of any kind. And this game can definitely help you improve your driving skills. We all know that driving is not only a means to exercise freedom of mobility. Actually, it can definitely help improve the quality of your life. Driving freely is a kind of privilege, especially when you can drive and serve other people's benefit. When you are driving your favorite bus, you can help these people go to work, go shopping, and visit friends or other family members. And you can transport them to different places to take part in various activities and explore new places. So, this whole driving game is not purely about the tasks of transporting these passengers and customers from one place to another place. It is more about enjoying yourself during the journey. And you will love the satisfaction obtained from helping these passengers. Since you can help so many people and bring convenience to them, you will no longer take bus-driving activity for granted. And you will definitely enjoy your freedom to drive. Of course, in the early stage, you may have some difficulty in guessing the width and length of your bus for your driving. And you may fail to calculate the speed, distance, and size of oncoming traffic. But if you are patient, you will know the trick of perfectly controlling your car in hectic traffic. And as long as you are attentive enough, you will naturally know how to master your bus during the journey. You should never regard this bus-driving activity as pure physical activity. Bus driving is actually a kind of mental involvement. If you can mentally understand the mechanics and the basic knowledge about your bus and about the whole bus-driving activity, you will know how to physically respond to a given situation. While you are driving your bus, your body will no longer be at war with your soul. So, you will feel so soothing and so relaxing. But from time to time, you will also get supreme excitement by skillfully avoiding the traffic jam. You will always be full of vitality. As soon as you sit in the driver's seat, you always feel so alive. By playing this game, you will have an unforgettable excursion with your favorite buses. There are always some unexpected surprises waiting around every curve. And you will come across different customers at different bus stops. Anyway, the journey promises to be a memorable one. The weather also changes. You will have a totally different bus-driving experience when the road is wet or icy. In fact, driving is not a mechanical activity. It is a kind of artistic activity. Every car is the laboratory on wheels. If you truly pay attention to all the details while you are driving your favorite bus, you will enjoy yourself a lot. And each driving adventure is an exciting journey into the world of physics. Your best performance relies on fundamental concepts and features such as momentum and energy. The ignition system depends on the principles of electricity and magnetism. Braking relies on friction. So, if you have some basic knowledge about physics, you will have a better performance. But this does not mean that you need to equip yourself with professional knowledge about cars or bus-driving activities. Most of the time, your car will run forward automatically. You just need to control the direction. But you will definitely love the high performance of auto driving. If you lack real driving experience, you may act a little clumsy in the beginning, but after you drive for some time, you will notice that things can become so fluent and so natural. You can stop your bus in the perfect position. And you will always get positive feedback from your customers. It feels so great to successfully complete all the transportation tasks without making any mistakes. Your wonderful bus-driving performance will always make you unconsciously become addicted to this game. Whenever your mind is in a mess or whenever you feel pressure, you will just involuntarily come into this world and enjoy your bus-driving journey while listening to your favorite music, which is the greatest enjoyment in the world!

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