Tomb of the Mask

Tomb of the Mask

Developer: Playgendary Limited

The whole process of collecting all the little dots is really satisfying.


Editor's Review :

Tomb of the Mask is a really interesting puzzle game. The whole gameplay is rather simple to understand, but it is really challenging to become a master. The whole process of collecting all the little dots is really satisfying. From the shop, you can also buy different power-ups to give your character some boost. For instance, the shield can protect your character from crashing for 30 seconds. So, before your shield loses its effect, you should move really fast while avoiding all the obstacles. This tomb is full of dangerous traps. And you will never know when the invisible ghosts will suddenly appear and attack your character. But there are no bloody scenes of any kind. The only problem is that you must always be very careful and you cannot afford to make careless mistakes. Otherwise, you will be forced to start from the beginning. Generally speaking, this game is healthy and entertaining for both parents and children to play. If you really want to continue your adventure, you can always watch the commercial ads to revive your character. Besides, you can also get shields, masks, and other power-ups by watching the commercial ads. Of course, you can always buy all these awesome items and effects by using your real money. But if you are a patient player, you can always complete all the levels one by one without a hurry. In the arcade mode, there is no rich story content, but you will fully immerse yourself in the process of collecting all the dots and stars. At the end of each level, you will feel so satisfied because you will always get different rewards based on your performance. In order to earn more rewards and gold coins, you should always move timely and quickly in front of danger. By collecting various useful items, your character will move safely and more quickly. As the game progresses, you will also unlock new features. So, you will never feel bored. This whole process of devouring all the little dots by getting your character seems to be simple and mechanic. But actually, the whole process is weirdly enjoyable. From time to time, you will suffer from collecting some valuable items, because these valuable items are placed in tricky corners, which means you will be forced to try more than one time to get to the right place and collect the items that you want. Obviously, all of your attempts will not always be successful, but there is no need for you to rush through all the levels or feel frustrated. In front of different obstacles, you can just come up with a perfect plan based on your former mistakes. When you get stuck, you will notice that this whole game will be a test of your patience. If you are an observant person, you will have a better performance because you can always get the trick of successfully sending your character to the final destination. And sometimes, you can even predict that trap may appear ahead. It is really fun to make a perfect plan to deal with those enemies. In fact, all these enemies in this tomb will never get violent. And these enemies will never keep moving. They are not powerful and blood-thirsty monsters. But they are still annoying because once your character touches them, even for a second, your character will be dead and you need to revive your character or start from the beginning. In the endless mode, you have only one chance, but during each attempt, you will have a totally different experience. So, it is highly possible for you to become addicted to the endless mode. And you just cannot resist the urge to surpass your own former record. You will have a really fun time while you are leading your character running around the tomb. You will realize that actually, you are so talented in successfully and precisely, and timely avoiding all the dangers and traps. The whole game experience is fantastic! You will love the vibrant colors and the unique enemy and obstacle designs. Some challenges can be intimidating, but you still have masks and other boosts to continue your adventure. So, you definitely deserve the chance of having fun by completing all the challenging levels. The only precondition is that you must make wise moment-to-moment choices. There is just no time for you to hesitate and waste. You will feel pressure, but you will never feel upset. If you fully immerse yourself in this game, you will always have a sense of timelessness. You always feel so good. And this good feeling and the sense of satisfaction will greatly improve your efficiency in terms of collecting all the little dots. Whenever you have a lousy mood or whenever you feel exhausted, you can definitely play this cute game because it can help you replenish your energy and help you feel refreshed. In order to have a better performance, you can try to shift your awareness out of your physical body so that you will manage to immediately become an observer of the movement of your character rather than a mechanical controller or a direct participant, which will block your vision and block your mind; or you can just picture yourself shrinking down to the size of your character in your mind. It is absolutely fun to merge into one with your character in your mind. The whole experience is awesome because you will come into a state of flow by merging one with your character. Your negative emotions and bad feelings triggered by the negative emotions will vanish all of a sudden. And you will be so fully engaged in your immediate activity that all your worries and concerns will fade out of your consciousness, which is the real charm of this game. At last, this cute puzzle game can also help improve your problem-solving capability. You will always manage to come up with all kinds of creative means to figure out all the puzzles. As Thomas la Mance once said, "Life is what happens to us while we are making other plans". But while you are playing this game and while you are playing with your character and those little colorful dots in this tomb, you will never miss life. On the contrary, you will magically and surely live in the present moment. You will never get distracted because once you get distracted or hesitate, you will fail your task. This full attention will bring you the greatest satisfaction. And the full concentration of mind will always help you show your talent for collecting all the dots without getting into any traps. You will experience the ultimate fun of freely moving in the tomb. If you play this game for a long time, you will notice that your character's movement is not mechanical. For a moment, you may feel that you are just happily dancing with your character in this tomb. And this kind of dots-collecting activity is a kind of artistic activity. There is both fun and beauty in it. So, it is definitely worthwhile for you to have this exciting adventure with your cute character in this magical and mysterious tomb!

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