Tall Man Run

Tall Man Run

Developer: Supersonic Studios LTD

Get as tall and wide as you can to take out bots and beat the level!


Editor's Review :

Tall Man Run is an exciting casual game. While you are playing this game, you can just control your character running forward. Your ultimate goal is to make your character become as tall and wide as you can. At the beginning, your character is not tall enough. And your character is not powerful enough either. But as the game progresses, your character will gain strength and become taller to fight against the evil enemy who is waiting for you at the end of the destination. While you are running forward, you will see many crystal gates printed with different numbers on them. Your job is to collect the highest numbers to make your character grow taller and stronger. As you run towards the finishing line, you will come across many numbers. Some numbers are positive. And some numbers are negative. So you must always pay attention to these numbers, and you must make sure that you will collect the positive numbers at least. The higher the final number, the more strength your character will have to fight against the evil giant at the very end. And you should never underestimate the superpower owned by your character. Even if the giant boss is really huge, your character will eventually defeat this evil giant. Generally speaking, this game is simple. It is suitable for players of different ages to play. And this is a quite addicting game. All you need to do is to control your character running on the racing track until you reach to the final where you will fight against this gigantic enemy. During the adventure, you will see various gates printed with different numbers. But the thing is that you must always avoid various blocks near the gates. Otherwise, your character will lose a certain body part. So these blocks will stop your character from running forward. Besides, you can make the right decision based on the colors. To be specific, you should collect the green ones, which will help you; while the red numbers will harm your character and make you lose the game. The green blocks on the ground can help you get scores. So it is a wise choice for you to collect as many green items as possible and try your best to avoid anything red. The higher the final number, the better your chances of reaching to the final destination and defeating the enemy. All the obstacles will make your journey more difficult and challenging. But you will have a deep sense of satisfaction by successfully conquer all these obstacles. The best solution is to keep focusing on your way ahead and successfully dodging all these obstacles. You will also meet less powerful enemies who will stand in your way. But no matter what may happen, you must keep calm and you cannot lose control of your character. Otherwise, your character will just fall down from the racing track. To do so, you must timely slide your finger across your screen to change where your character is headed. The control of direction is very significant. Anyway, this is a really fun and entertaining casual game. If you are looking for some casual games to kill your spare time, you should definitely try this one. It will not consume too much time to finish a running around. So you can start at any time and end the game whenever it is convenient for you. If you are really good at mathematics and numbers, you will have a better performance because you will spend less time to react in front of those gates printed with different numbers to maximize your score. The whole mechanics is pretty straightforward. Your character will run automatically. So you only need to focus on your way ahead and the numbers that you should collect to move your character left and right. The only thing required is to collect the right items. In the meantime, your character will become taller and wider as you collect more items. So you also need to pay attention to the size when you choose to pass the hurdles. Otherwise, the hurdles will stop your character from running forward. Once your character gets stuck, you will lose the game. In order to successfully reach to the finishing line, you have to fully use your reaction ability, your math skills and the agility of your fingers. Things will become more challenging as your character grows in both height and width. At the first sight, it seems that it is a piece of cake for you to just move your character from side to side to avoid all the obstacles. But as the game progresses, you will notice that things are more challenging than that. You should never underestimate the difficulty level of this game, especially when it comes to pass through the gates and collect the right items. You will love the 3D graphics of minimalist style. It is obvious that this is a very funny and simple casual game. But the truth is that this game is strangely addictive. You just want to complete one running round after another without stopping. Since it does not require any learning curve, you will just learn the trick of controlling your character without spending too much time. If you can successfully control your character, you will have a wonderful performance. So what are you still waiting for? It is time for you to control your character and make your character become stronger and wider by picking up height and weight boosts. It is really fun to run through the crystal gates while avoiding the numbers that will make your character become thinner and smaller. If you do your best, you will earn as many gems as possible at the end of the racing track and you will defeat the big enemy. You should always have confidence in your character. If you try your best, you will eventually take down the enemy in question regardless the remaining size of your character. All you need to do is to help your character reach to the end of the racing track. After you upgrade your character's starting size and speed, you will have a better game experience. Besides, you can also buy different skin colors and other accessories to customize your character. Now it is time for you to start running with your cute character and to defeat the gigantic boss!

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