Stock Car Racing

Stock Car Racing

Developer: Minicades Mobile

Drivers start your engines! Experience the heat of racing a stock car on mobile!


Editor's Review :

If you love playing car racing games, it is time for you to start your engine and hit the road. By playing this racing game, you will have the golden chance to experience the professional racing tracks. You will have a wholly new racing experience. If you would like to, you can also invite your best friends to play this car racing game together. It is so fun to experience the absolute freedom while you are racing forward. If you cannot find any real friends to play this game with you, you can always race against other online players from different parts of the world in real time. There are also different game modes available. In the Ladder mode, you will be required to race altogether 10 laps against other players. At the beginning, your car will run at a low speed. But as time goes by, your car will run faster and faster. So it is very important for you to control the direction. Once you lose control of your car, it is highly possible for you to be overtaken by other racers. If you want to race for a longer distance, you should try the Endurance mode in which you will race over 400 laps without stopping. Things are really exciting. And it will be a great challenge of your perseverance and your concentration ability. So if you just want to race for a really long distance, you should try the Endurance mode. The next is the Hot Lap mode. In this mode, you can just set your quickest single lap. If you do not have enough time, you can always try the Hot Lap mode. The last is the Practice mode. If you have never played similar racing games, you will find that it is really difficult and problematic for you to control your racing car. So you can always start with the Practice mode in which you can practice your racing skills. As for the cars, there are many cars of different types available. It is really exciting to buy sports cars and other cars. But the precondition is to earn enough amount of money. So it is very important for you to upgrade your favorite cars on a regular basis and show your best performance. Before you start each race, you are allowed to customize the tire pressures, the suspension and other features. Besides, you will love the stunning graphics. The sensible physics is also awesome. It makes you feel that you are driving real cars. You can also see clearly the fire sparks floating in the air because of the friction between the tires and the racing tracks, especially when you are driving at a really fast speed. When your car bumps into the obstacles, you will also hear different sound effects. And you should know that all the fancy cars are really expensive. Car prices are really high. So you need to make all your efforts and earn lots of money before you can manage to unlock new cars. The good thing is that all these cars are really endurable. So even if you have a car crash, your car will not collapse. Actually, you can just continue your adventure. In the meantime, it is quite normal for you to have a car crash by accident from time to time. But you will be forced to stop if you crash into other cars incessantly. So you should be cautious and pay attention to your way ahead while you are racing forward. Once you lag behind, it will consume you more time to keep up with other players. The images and the graphics are fantastic! You can even see the dents on the car after you have a crash. And you can see the smoke in the air. Everything is so real! With these great features, nothing can be more exciting than driving your favorite racing car while listening to your favorite music. Your heart will also race forward while you are enjoying this racing adventure. You will see that all the cars have their special logos and different pictures printed on the car bodies. So you should also give your car a fancy look before you start. The audiences around will applaud for your wonderful performance, and which is the moment for you to show your wonderful car-racing skills. No matter what may happen, you can never give up. And it is not the right time for you to think about all the moral codes. You can always push your opponent’s car out of the racing track. Of course, your opponent will also try to sabotage your racing career. But no matter what obstacles or difficulties you may face, you must have confidence in yourself and in your fancy racing car and you must keep focusing. Sometimes, you may feel discouraged because you are so close to the first place but your opponent just ruined all this for you. But it does not matter, you just need to start a new round and defeat any opponents who try to stop you from getting the first place. As for the controls, you can just tap on the left side and on the right side of the screen; or you can just slightly tilt your device to control the direction of your cars. You can always choose the most convenient way to control your car. If you can perfectly control your car, you will win all the championships. Anyway, this is the best racing simulation game ever. If you are one of the huge fans of crazy racing simulation games, you will regret for missing this amazing racing game. All the cars are of different shapes and colors. But all these cars are equipped with phenomenal engines with full horse powers. So there is no need for you to worry about the speed. All the cars will race forward at a crazy speed. All you need to do is to control the direction. At last, this game is of great replay value. You just want to drive your favorite cars and race forward at a crazy speed and you just want to have another lap. And there are also many mini challenges available. All these mini challenges make this whole game more exciting and thrilling. You will come across unexpected racing tracks while you are enjoying all these mini challenges. So if you love playing racing games, it is the high time for you to invite your best friends to enjoy this great racing adventure and see who will get the first place. You will be in a really good mood at the end of each racing!

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