My Talking Tom

My Talking Tom

Developer: Outfit7 Limited

You will have a really great time with cute Tom.


Editor's Review :

This is a great simulation game. By playing this game, you will have a really great time with cute Tom. Tom is so funny that you will laugh a lot while you are playing this game. It is impossible for you to become bored with this game, because the graphics are nice. And Tom is really fun. Tom will keep telling you all kinds of funny things. If you are in a bad mood, you can always play pranks on Tom. If Tom is hungry, you can feed Tom with different types of food. If Tom is dirty and covered with mud, you can take Tom to the bathroom and take a bath. It is really satisfying to take care of Tom. You will also have many other mini games. For instance, you will have building blocks to build all kinds of awesome things. So this game is really fun. If you are looking for some interesting games to kill your spare time, you should definitely try this one. It is so relaxing that you will feel so relaxed after you play with Tom for a period of time. You can just regard Tom as your pet. You can do lots of interesting things together, including watching TV, talking with each other, studying and swimming. If you would like to, you can also find a playmate for Tom. If you are a parent, you can also play this game with your child. You can see that your child will love this cat very much because Tom is so lovely. You can encourage your kid to say something funny. And Tom will repeat whatever you and your kid said. So the whole process is really engaging. And your little baby will definitely fall in love with Tom at the first sight. It is also a perfect game for you to spend some quality time with your kid. Tom is always in a happy mood. If you encourage your kid to play this game for a long period of time, your kid will learn all the good qualities in Tom. For instance, Tom is always optimistic. And no matter what may happen, Tom is always smiling and showing his happy face. So if your child is passionate about having a pet, you should definitely share this game with your kid. After playing this game, your kid will have a better understanding about the habits of cats. And your kid will also have a very loving character after he or she spends some happy time with cute Tom. You can even see that your kid will always try to say some ridiculous things to Tom and laugh together. There is no need for you to worry that this game will be too difficult for your kid to play or the whole mechanics of this game will be too complex for your kid to understand, because actually all the tasks are quite simple and basic. All these activities just involve the daily routines. You can just buy food to feed your cat whenever your cat is hungry. Of course, all the food and furniture will cost many gold coins. But if your performance is good enough, you will get lots of gold coins as rewards. And every time after you successfully take Tom to the toilet, you will get a certain amount of gold coins as your reward. When the night falls, you can also earn gold coins by putting Tom to bed. Whenever Tom is unhappy, you can also play interesting and fun games with Tom to help him. Whenever Tom is feeling unwell, you can always stroke and pet him to make him feel comfortable. If you are a cat lover, you should definitely try this game, because this cute cat will melt down your heart. Even if you leave this cute cat just for a moment, you will miss it already. The voice of this cat is so cute. While you are playing this game, you will never feel bored because it is so interesting and addicting to interact with Tom. You can do lots of things that you like. And you can do all those sweet things that you usually do when you are with a cat. For instance, you can stroke Tom, you can pat Tom and you can take Tom to the bed and make Tom feel comfortable. The whole atmosphere of this game is so relaxing that you will never feel any pressure of any kind. So it is highly possible for you to become addicted to this game. Whenever you feel bored or whenever you are in the gloomy mood, you will just involuntary think of Tom and you just cannot resist the temptation to spend some really happy time with Tom to get rid of all those unhappy and annoying thoughts. So there is no reason for you to refuse this game. In this virtual world, Tom is not just a usual pet or just an animal without any feelings. Actually, Tom is more like a baby and Tom has his own feelings. Whenever you make him feel comfortable and cozy, he will make all kinds of facial expressions based on your performance. So you should always take good care of Tom. If your performance is good enough, you can also buy furniture and different awesome items for Tom to improve Tom's life quality. You know that it is not a very easy thing to raise a pet in our real life because it will consume a lot of time and energy to take care of the pet's emotions, living environment and health conditions. In this virtual world, the case is the same. You need to always pay attention to Tom. But the most important thing is that it is such a satisfying process to raise a small kitten. As the game progresses, Tom will turn into a cat. You will feel that you are the true owner of this cat. You do not buy this cat from some market. This cat is actually raised by yourself. So Tom, in this virtual world, permanently belongs to you. Nothing can be more exciting than this! So what are you waiting for? It is time for you to unleash your creativity and help cute Tom grow. You will have thousands of combinations of furs. It is amazing to customize Tom by following your own taste. You can always buy different outfits, different eye glasses and outfits. And you can even pick eyeballs of different colors for Tom. Now it is time for you to release all your pressure and enjoy yourself. You will never regret for playing with Tom!

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