Hello Neighbor Hide & Seek

Hello Neighbor Hide & Seek

Developer: tinyBuild LLC

This game can satisfy your appetite for being scared in a safe context.


Editor's Review :

Hello Neighbor Hide & Seek is a wonderful first-person adventure game. If you love playing adventure games, you should definitely try this game because it is prequel to Hello Neighbor. If you are familiar with the main characters of Hello Neighbor, you will see many lovely faces while you are playing this game. You will see a boy and a girl in this game. You will play as the girl. In the beginning, things are sweet and warm. But after the tragic events happened, you can hear the growing tension in the house and you will help this girl find all the solutions to different puzzles to figure out what really happened. But the brother will always chase you. It is really fun to play hide and seek with this big brother before dinner. But after the tragedy happened, everything seems to be different. You can see the sorrow and pain of these characters through their facial expressions and their body language. All the details convey emotions, and all these details will also help you connect with these characters, which makes you feel that you are literally in this world and you can feel what these characters are going through. It is overwhelmingly exciting to explore totally different locations and find all the items that you need. Of course, it will take you some time to complete all the puzzles. And it involves abstract thinking to find the solutions to these puzzles. Sometimes, it is so time-consuming to find the right clues to certain puzzles. But interactions with different items are so fun! You will unconsciously become addicted to the process of interacting with different items. Before you move to the next stage, you are required to solve all the puzzles. The process may be exhausting because sometimes the solutions are obscure. Thankfully, the only person you need to deal with is the brother. If you are captured by the brother, all the items that you retrieved will be scattered around the stage again, which is a kind of severe and annoying punishment. Even though things can be really hard, the weird thing is that you will be attracted to this kind of entertainment designed to make you feel bad. While you are exploring different locations, your defense mechanisms will be activated. The danger detection circuits in your brain will also be activated. So, you will always keep alert and you will take all the details into consideration. But it is not a bad thing because an active mind can always help you survive in this dangerous world. Even if you will come across many challenges and dangerous situations, you will find pleasure in make-believe that allows you to experience negative emotions at high levels of intensity within a safe environment. As human beings, we are born to be fearsome. In a new environment, we will naturally feel uncomfortable and uneasy. In this game, even if the things you fear are just somewhat plastic and computer-generated, you will also feel that your life is threatened all the time. And all the exotic and menacing things will always make you feel excited and motivated. The bizarre dreams will make you become curious about the truth. The scenarios you may encounter will become more and more twisted. In fact, there are not many stories. And all the characters in this game rarely speak. So, it depends on your imagination to infer what may happen next. And all the tragic scenarios, including the sudden death of the mother, will give rise to all kinds of negative emotions in you. All these negative emotions have great psychological effects. As the game progresses, you will become more and more emotionally engaged. If you can successfully deal with your fears and anxieties while you are trying to solve all the puzzles, you will have a better performance. For most players, playing this game is a kind of ordeal, because the fears and anxieties will always be loomed large while you are exploring different locations. Besides, this game can definitely remind you of the impermanence of your life. At this moment, you have a sweet home and everything seems to be fine. But the next moment, everything will be different. And it is highly possible for you to lose everything that you have in the blink of an eye. By playing this game, you will have the opportunity to search and think about the true meaning of your life. Maybe you are always under depression because of materialism and other social phenomena in this modern world. But after you play this game, you will begin to see life from a different perspective. Most of the time, you will be focusing on collecting all the hidden toys and placing them in your basket to move to the next stage. You should be patient because you need to search every corner to find all these toys. It is advised to collect other key items because you may need these items to advance. But your efforts will not be wasted because the process of finding the solutions is really fun and rewarding. And you will not be scared while you are playing this game. You will meet some slight horror, but you will mainly focus on collecting all the items and the neighbor will be out of your sight. It is easy for you to get rid of the neighbor's son. So, if you are a fan of Hello Neighbor, you should play this game because it will help you have a better understanding of what happened before your neighbor becomes an evil person. It is natural for you to be left deeply unsatisfied while you are playing this game because sometimes it is really hard for you to find a certain object. To be specific, you just have no idea where to find this required object. But it is definitely worthwhile for you to invest your time and energy in playing this game because it will bring you into a totally different world. Compared with other horror or adventure games, this game is less scary. So, if you are into mild horror games, this game should be your first choice. It is really interesting to complete all the puzzles while experiencing mild horror scenarios. If you are a fan who does not want to be scared witless, this game can satisfy your appetite for being scared in a safe context while feeling satisfied for successfully completing all the puzzles in quiet effective ways!

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