Crafting and Building

Crafting and Building

Developer: GeneRe

There are many building tools and blocks available for you.


Editor's Review :

Crafting and Building is a wonderful building game. If you love playing building games, you will find that this is the best building game ever. It is suitable for players of different ages. And there are many building tools and blocks available for you to create amazing masterpieces. Maybe it is the first time you build something in this virtual world, but there is no need for you to worry. You can always start in your own tiny space and build something exquisite. While you are building, you can always let your imagination fly, but you should always pay attention to all the details. As human beings, we get used to everyday things really fast. And usually, we just take all the small things for granted. But if you really pay attention to your building and crafting process, you will enjoy yourself a lot and you will find beauty in each building movement. You will feel that you are a true designer and builder. You will feel the thing that you are building. And you will eventually inject life into the thing that you are building. There is no need for you to think about your crafting skills. You can just build things as if you were a kid. You can always let your curiosity guide you. From time to time, you will have bright ideas to create something fantastic for your beloved ones. As the game progresses, it will be easier for you to craft the artifact in your mind. Sometimes, you may feel upset because it is so hard for you to build the exact thing that you have in mind. But what you need to do is to fully dive into this world. You can just try again and again to make the thing in your mind come into reality. It is time for you to release your brainpower. In real life, our brain always weaves the trivial things we do into habits. So, we can have extra space in our brains to learn new things. But in this virtual world, you can just forget about all of your habits. You can just imagine yourself as a brilliant craftsman from outer space. There is no need for you to put labels and names on your masterpieces. You can just craft things from a totally different perspective. You can build and invent driverless cars. It is really fun to craft something crazy while listening to your favorite music. You will always experience many interesting things. The whole crafting process will also become easier and easier. The whole building process will also become fun. You will naturally release your building and crafting talents. You just want to share your masterpieces with your friends and other family members. If you can pay attention to every little detail all the time, you will find magnificent beauty in all your masterpieces. It cannot be denied that it is exhausting to build something unparalleled and fantastic. But you should always open yourself up to let brilliant ideas come into your mind. Everyone around you will find something different in your masterpiece. Actually, they just feel a part of themselves in your masterpieces. They may feel fears, frustrations, exhilaration and other feelings reflected by your masterpieces. If you would like to, you can also visit other players' worlds to get some insights. By observing those tiny little details of your friends' masterpieces, you will always make your own crafting process become faster and easier. If you can manage to build the very latest gadget,you will feel so proud of yourself. While you are building things, you can always go crazy. You are allowed to create whatever you want. It is really fun to create new toys and new buildings with eternal value. You can build some electric vehicles that can fly in the sky. And you can even charge your vehicle before you try it. And you can also try to build some gadgets that can help mankind save energy and have fun at the same time. It is a world for you to predict the future by building amazing and unexpected things. Your building process is also a kind of programming process. Your brain will do all kinds of complex programming to finish the building job. It does not matter what you are building. You can always take a step back and appreciate your own masterpiece after you finish your building process. You can always remove or combine features to make your masterpiece show the ultimate beauty in a simple way. To achieve this purpose, you should always look broader. There is no need for you to worry that you have no former repairing or building experience. There is no need for you to have professional knowledge about these tools or building techniques. You can just write a story for each of your masterpieces through your building process. You just need to inject your passion and love for crafting into these masterpieces. The most important thing is not what you craft. The most significant thing is the crafting process. You need to look broader and look closer at the same time to get rid of the frustration. To craft the perfect artifact, you need to let your crafting instinct guide you. As Picasso once said that "every child is an artist". So, while you are building things, you should always think younger. And you should always have confidence in yourself that you will manage to build awesome things in this virtual world. Even if you are an adult, you will learn how to remain an artist. While you are crafting things, you will always see the world more clearly and form a totally different perspective. Besides, you will understand the basic ways that we make sense of the world. If you can fully understand the world that you are creating, you could build something pretty amazing. You will always manage to build something powerful and fantastic. While you are crafting things in this world, you will always experience a better world. And you will feel so free while you are building things. You can always choose your favorite shape and you are always allowed to craft something incredibly ugly. Anyway, if you are obsessed with crafting things, you will have a very fulfilling experience. You will always feel that you are serving something beyond yourself and you are building the best self within you!

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