Tomb of the Mask: Color

Tomb of the Mask: Color

Developer: Playgendary Limited

You will manage to fully focus on your searching and moving task.


Editor's Review :

Tomb of the Mask Color is an incredibly fun puzzle game. While you are playing this game, you will always have a deep sense of satisfaction. In real life, our attention is so easy to be manipulated by all kinds of content shown on electric devices. And we constantly suffer from concentration problems. Nowadays. It just becomes more and more difficult for us to concentrate on one thing for a long time. But while you are playing this game and while you are having this amazing exploration in this tomb, you will manage to fully focus on your searching and moving task. While you are playing this game, you will not experience intense or strong emotions. You can just slowly enjoy your adventure in this mysterious tomb. It makes you feel that you are doing magic with your finger. Of course, you will be faced with many obstacles, but all the obstacles in this game are quite easy to conquer. But you should never underestimate the difficulty level of this game. Also, the levels are simple. You only need to react really fast, especially when you have a power-up. You must make full use of the power-up and move quickly before your power-up loses its magical effect. Completing all the levels does not mean that you can just blindly move forward without thinking about the directions or the obstacles. In fact, you need to plan the steps in your mind before you move your character. Generally speaking, this is a perfect game for you to waste your time. But in the meantime, this whole game is not simply about killing your spare time. This game can also help you improve your concentration ability, calm your mind and clear your head. But you must always be careful because once your character touches any obstacle, you will lose all your progress and you will be forced to start from the beginning. So, while you are playing this game, there is just no time and mind space for you to think about anything else. You will also be so curious about the layout and the design of your next level. Anyway, you should just concentrate on how to successfully solve the current level. As one of the supreme intelligent creatures, you just cannot resist the desire to challenge your brain power and complete all the levels without making any mistakes. If you can successfully complete all the levels without crashing into any obstacles, you will always feel a deep sense of satisfaction. It is not that kind of difficult to avoid all the obstacles. So, there is no need for you to be frustrated or intimated. The challenges and obstacles will always arouse the latent passion inside you for challenging your intelligence and your reaction speed. This whole adventure will always make you full of energy. All these challenges are just like the layer of earth above the seed. And the earth is obstructing the growth of the seed. But actually, the earth is necessary for the seed to mellow, disintegrate, and transform itself into a sapling or a plant. It is the same with the challenges and obstacles. You should always make full use of these challenges to get the maximum fun out of this game. Whenever you are faced with obstacles and challenges, you can never stand still. Most of the time, you must always keep moving by taking advantage of the walls and columns around you. Your ultimate goal is to cover the whole tomb by moving your character forth and back. It seems that the whole mechanics of this game is quite simple, but usually, you will try more than one time to get out of the labyrinth. So, you should never recklessly move around the tomb without having a perfect plan first. And in front of each obstacle, you should always think carefully and move fast. Otherwise, it is just painstakingly difficult to find the exit. It seems that you do run around the target area, but you always fail to reach the target area to get to the exit. The character design and the layout design of this game are not that kind of fancy. And this game will not attract your attention with rich story content. There are no bloody monsters. But still, you will love this game a lot. And you will have a wonderful and fun game experience. Unconsciously, you will fully immerse yourself in the moving activities. While you are exploring this tomb, you will no longer be haunted by trivial matters and annoying thoughts. There is no purpose for you to achieve. And you will never feel stressed out. You can just play for the sake of having fun. Of course, you will collect the colorful dots, stars, and other items, but gradually, you will discover to your own amazement, that there is always a kind of beauty in your moving activity. And you will find that you are such a genius in terms of controlling your character to get to the final destination. If you have the personality of an artist, you will always secretly enjoy a strange kind of fun during your adventure. And you will manage to deal with each unexpected obstacle with elegance. To become the ultimate master in this world, you should change your mental habits while you are having this adventure. You should never doubt your ability to successfully complete all the levels and to get to the exit. In the beginning, you can just try to picture and expect the best performance that you may have while you are exploring this tomb. In so doing, you will manage to bring everything into the realm of possibility. You should always remember that in this world, everything is possible. And you have all kinds of chances to complete your tasks and levels. So, there is no right answer. And there is no correct path. As long as you can figure out the puzzle and get out of the exit by following your own way, you complete your task. But when you try to expect the best performance before you start your adventure in the tomb, you will come across unexpected surprises. You will find that by imagining the best performance in your mind beforehand, you will release a magnetic force in your mind, which can help you manage your character in a perfect and beautiful way. Anyway, this is a really intriguing and entertaining game. Whenever you feel that you get more and more overwhelmed by playing all the fierce fighting games, you can always relax by playing this mildly challenging game. At the end of each level, you will always feel so good! Collecting all the dots will always force your mind to move forward. So, your mind will go into a flow state. In this mind state, you will no longer consciously cling to a certain thought that will constantly torture you. And it seems that you just have no strength to get out of the trap of this thought, especially when this thought or idea is a negative thought or idea. But while you are playing this game, your mind will go forward with your cute character. You will not stay in one place for one second. So, you will never cling to any given thought for a very long time and you will always feel a sense of lightness. And you will feel that you are just like a magician with special abilities and skills. Now it is time for you to outwit all those invisible ghosts in the tomb and conquer all the obstacles with your unparalleled intelligence!

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