The Baby In Yellow

The Baby In Yellow

Developer: Team Terrible

This is a very horrifying but interesting game about raising a child.


Editor's Review :

Baby In Yellow is a fascinating horror game. This is a very horrifying but interesting game about raising a child. The only difference is that this is not a normal child. As an ordinary babysitter, you will go through lots of scary experiences. This baby will cause you to confront your inner fears. And this baby will motivate you to see the truth hidden inside this baby. At the first sight, it seems that this baby is just a normal baby with a cute face. But after you play for some time, you will feel that you just cannot get into any alignment with this baby's behaviors. You will lose all your senses and you will lose your passion for babysitting this horrible child. Some mysterious feelings and emotions inside you will be stirred up. But your purpose is to subdue this baby. You should never be fooled by this baby. At the beginning, this baby may seem good-mannered, and you will be attracted by this baby's cute body. But this baby's eyes always give you a kind of creepy feeling. Before long, you will notice that there is something wrong and different about this baby. As soon as the night falls, you will see the true nature of this baby because this baby will reveal its true character. Maybe you have already played many similar horror games about monsters. But this game is more scary. With the spooky atmosphere, you will love the game better. It is really hard for you to stop playing. Of course, it is a difficult job to take care of this baby, but you just cannot resist the temptation to take the milk bottle out of the fridge and to feed this baby on a regular basis. And you must change the dirty diaper timely to make sure that the baby is always nice and clean. The outcome of doing all these things may not be sound, but you will always get the results and the effect that you desire, which means you will experience lots of jump scares. So while you are playing this game, you can just follow instructions and use your own talents to deal with this horrible baby. You must take things serious. You should never underestimate this horrible baby. It seems that this baby is monitoring what you are feeling right now and what you are thinking about. You will constantly think about this baby as a true monster. The pressure will hit you all the time. You will even see all kinds of dark manifestations. From time to time, you will even unconsciously do lots of absurd things in order to deal with this baby. But it is not the right thing for you to use your logical thinking. Sometimes, this baby's reaction is really weird. Even if you feed it and you give it a bath, it will still keep crying. So you must pay attention to all the details. If you play this game for a very long period of time, this baby will be deeply rooted in your subconsciousness. And you will even dream about this baby during the night. After you play this game, you will also become so sensitive to any child that you may encounter. But no matter what may happen, there is no need for you to feel guilty because this baby can fake all kinds of reactions. To some extent, this is a great game for you to train your subconscious mind to conquer your fear about illogical things. Gradually, you will know that everything happens for a reason. This baby gets on your nerves to get more attention and care. If you are willing to take the time and observe the behavior patterns of the baby, you will realize that actually this baby is not that kind of scary. Your ultimate purpose is to take good care of this baby. During this process, you are allowed to become proactive and try to interact with this baby by following your own style. From time to time, you can try to deliberately ignore the existence of this baby and see what will happen. You should never regard this baby as a normal child. This is the only way for you to master the skill of successfully taking care of this baby. You may wonder what may hide behind the baby's bulging eyes and disturbing stares. You just cannot help yourself from imagining the original source of this abnormal baby. You will experience drastic contrast while you are playing this game. In this moment, this baby is just sleeping quietly in the crib. But the next minute, everything begins to become so strange. The lights may automatically go out while you are watching TV in the living room. The furniture and other things around are rearranged. The most unbelievable thing is that the baby may suddenly appear or vanish from the crib. While you are playing this game, there is no need for you to be in a hurry because there are many locations for you to explore, including the kitchen, the bathroom and the living room and other places. The worse you feel about this baby, the more you just want to spend time with this baby to experience the excitement of being terrified out of your expectation. Your whole brain will be dedicated to saving your energy from being robbed by this horrible creature. Gradually, you will form a kind of relationship with this baby. You should never expect to find that inner pureness and other qualities that you may find in a normal baby. And you should always keep your independent thinking. It is highly possible for you to be fooled by this baby. It seems that you are the master of this baby who is so fragile and so innocent. But the fact is that this baby is out of your understanding and this baby can always mix things together to make you feel baffled about things that happened in this marvelous world. You will be affected by many unexpected reactions of this baby who may completely transform your life and your ideas about babies. At last, the more emotion and feelings you pour into this baby, the more of horror you will receive. So if you are a person who likes thrill and real horror, you will definitely love the encounter with this weird baby who may shape your life. At last, you will get deeply connected with this baby. There is actually no need for you to be so afraid of this baby. If you play this game for a long period of time, you will have the clarity about all the mysterious situations and about the characteristics owned by this baby!

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