Boom Beach

Boom Beach

Developer: Supercell

You must try your best to guarantee the safety of your base.


Editor's Review :

This is a wonderful strategy-based fighting game. You will be given a home base to fight and build upon. So you must try your best to guarantee the safety of your base. You must block the attacks from your enemies. It is very important for you to be fully prepared all the time. The fortunate thing is that you have plenty of defensive capabilities to install, including the mines, the sniper and other things. This game involves many strategic elements. So you must always resort to your own intelligence to kill your enemies instead of using the pure force. You can place your defensive facilities in whatever order that you like. The principle is to take out all the enemies before they get too close to your base. Your main task is to defend your base from being destroyed by your enemies. In the meantime, conquering is also important. Indeed, attacking your enemies is the source of fun and enjoyment. You are allowed to become a barbarian and be aggressive. The building process is slow. You must make sure that you are powerful enough before you try to kill all your enemies and prepare to attack your enemies’ bases. Unlike other similar games, while you are playing this game, you can only build or upgrade one building at a time. So while you are playing this game, you should always be patient because it will consume you some time to upgrade your base. Of course, you can always skip the upgrading process by using the premium currency or the diamonds. But if you are a very patient player, you can always wait for the building process to finish by following the natural order. It is a very challenging task to control the troops. You can use the flares to encourage your troops moving in a certain direction. While your soldiers are fighting, you must make sure that you will send the medical assistance as well as the convenient weapons. To get all these items, you will need coins. So you must make lots of coins by destroying your enemies' buildings. And while you are fighting against your enemies, you should remember that you have no backup. So no matter you will end up with failure or success, this is a fairly solitary affair. It is highly possible for you to become addicted to the game, because it feels awesome to defeat all your enemies. And it is a really exciting thing to slowly build up your own forces. Maybe you have already played many similar games, including the Clash of Clans. But it is definitely worthwhile for you to try this game because this game managed to make itself unique from other similar games. You will love the new strategic combat movements. As the commander of the navy, you must always have a clear head. You cannot make any decisions out of emotion. Otherwise, it is really hard for you to occupy even one plot of land. You also need to place the unit recruitment at the right places. It is also necessary for you to build your own battalion of reliable soldiers to defend your base while you are having a fierce fighting against your enemies to claim more territory. In order to make your troops become more powerful, you need to get resources. And it is also necessary to create research buildings. In order to upgrade your units and your troops' attacking powers and defense points simultaneously, you need to create smithies to build weapons for your troops. If the weapons are more reliable, your troops will fight in a more efficient way. So it is very important for you to upgrade your weapons on a regular basis. As you keep expanding your island, you may be attacked by the original inhabitants. So you should always be prepared to fight. You also need to defend your already conquered island from other enemies as well. In this virtual world, you are just surrounded by enemies who try to capture your land. The difficulty level will vary, depending on your current level as well as how many resources that you have already gathered. At some point, you may feel overwhelmed because you will be forced to complete so many tasks at the same time and you just have no idea how to move next because you have so many islands to protect. It is quite normal to give up some islands under critical situations. After you become strong enough, you can just conquer the lost islands. In order to win the final victory, you should first create your own highly effective troops. Your soldiers can be classified into different classes. As you can see, some soldiers excel at defense but in exchange for ineffective fighting power. Some soldiers are really good at attacking, but can die easily. So it is of great significance for you to select the right soldiers to deal with the enemy soldiers who are equipped with certain abilities. During most of the time, the final victory always depends on your perfect strategy. So before you start each battle, you should first come up with the best strategy to deal with those enemies. At the end of each victory, you will get some new gears to make your soldiers become more powerful. You should always remember that your ultimate goal is to conquer all the islands. To achieve this goal, you need to make flawless deployment. At the beginning, things may be challenging and difficult for you. But if you are patient, you will become the mighty commander. After you become powerful enough, you may join the guilds and other parties to gain more rewards. Anyway, if you are into strategy games, this game may be the perfect choice for you. And it is time for you to command your army, storm the beaches and free the aisles. At last, you will fall in love with the fun and colorful visual style of this game. The handsome tactical combat will also make you feel very comfortable while you are playing this game. It is such a sweet thing to save those innocent people from the hands of the evil forces who try to conquer the island and subjugate the good people. You should never let your enemies come close to your island. And you should always watch out for those enemies because black guards are more powerful than you imagined before. In order to kill all your enemies, you must train your soldiers and produce powerful weapons to hit the blackguards really hard. But as long as you upgrade your base, research new technologies and invest in sophisticated weapons, you will eventually win the final victory!

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