Plants vs. Zombies

Plants vs. Zombies


Battle between the cute plants and the brain-washed zombie hordes.


Editor's Review :

Plants vs. Zombies is a classic casual game. It is really fun to join this battle between the cute plants and the brain-washed zombie hordes. Of course, it seems that these vulnerable and tender plants are no opponents of those cold-blooded zombies, but you should never underestimate the superpower contained in these beautiful plants. You should always remember that these zombies hunger for brains and they will never stop attacking until they successfully get what they want. So, you must keep unlocking more plants and collecting more sun energy to get powerful plants to deal with these zombies. In the beginning, there is no need for you to use your brain or think really hard to come up with a perfect strategy to deal with those zombies because there are only one or two plants available. But after you play for some time, you must think carefully before you make the decision about which plants you shoot select. Different plants have totally different superpowers, for instance. sunflowers can generate sun energy. By collecting the sun energy, you will manage to plant more other types of plants. So, the precondition for you to get more plants is to obtain enough sun energy. But after you get enough sun energy, you will get all the super plants that you need to remove these horrible zombie hordes. You will never get bored with this game, because in different levels, you will manage to unlock totally different plants with different superpowers. And these plants are just not robots. As you can see, they have very vivid facial expressions while they are fighting against the zombie hordes. Some plants can spew out green bullets and some plants can spew fire balls. You can also use the pepper and other plants to explode many zombies in the blink of an eye. If all such cute details can be perceived by you while you are playing this game, you will get more fun,which makes you feel that each of these plants is a courageous fighter. And you will try every means to protect your cute plants. While you are playing this game, you should always regard yourself as an invisible general behind the screen. You must figure out a perfect and strategic fighting plan to fend off those zombies, for instance, you can always put the potato in the front, and protect other plants behind this potato because it will take some time to eat up this big potato. It is inevitable for you to be faced with challenges, especially when you are challenged by a zombie equipped with an iron bucket because it will take you more time and more plants to kill zombies with extra equipment. But the life and the existence of these cute plants are in your hands. So, you must think carefully and create your own fighting legend with your cute plants. With your help, these plants will eventually get rid of these horrifying zombies. You will always have this urge to complete more levels because you will never be sure what kind of plant you will get in the next level. And all these plants are so full of life. So, you will be completely entertained while you are playing this game. You should never let your plants be manipulated by these bad zombies. You can never surrender until the last second. In order to successfully protect your plants, you should plant as many plants as possible beforehand. When hordes of zombies walk toward the mansion, it would be too late for you to recall your plants. If you play this game for a long time, you will unconsciously create a kind of intimate relationship with your cute plants. When the zombies take advantage and start to bite your cute plants, your heart aches and you will try your best to protect your plants from being destroyed. By doing so, your whole mind will be occupied by the activity of protecting your plants to win the final victory. Of course, this game is full of all kinds of uncertainties. And no one can guarantee that you and your plants will always be the final winner. So, you should always be fully prepared before you start each battle. But this game is a perfect way for you to nurture your self-consciousness. During the process of protecting your plants, you will become fully focused on your plants. And your mind will stop wandering, which is a very good way for you to become more conscious of everything that happens around you in real life. And you will less likely to get distracted in real life. What is more, it is so satisfying to control your cute plants destroying all those zombies. So whenever you win the final victory, you will always feel so proud of your plants and you will also get a deep sense of satisfaction for your wonderful performance. Besides, this game contains so many levels that it will cost you hours and hours to complete all the levels. But the good thing is that it is quite convenient for you to play this game. You can always get the enjoyment of fighting against the zombies when you are waiting for someone or when you are on the bus. In fact, you will not conquer all the zombies by using brutal force. So most of the time, you should rely on your presiding intelligence to fight against the zombies.The design of these plants is so artistic that you can see that each of these plants is an artistic masterpiece. The design of these plants is full of love, imagination, and creative features. You may even fall in love with a certain plant. Maybe your favorite plant is the sunflower, the pepper bomb, or the potato that is so selfless that who is always willing to sacrifice itself for the sake of other plants. But there is no need for you to compare the power owned by different plants. As long as you can wisely use these plants and let these plants perfectly cooperate with each other, they will release superpowers and they will eventually conquer the zombies with despicable motives. If you are a true lover of playing games about plants vs zombies, this game will remind you of lots of happiness and fun. So even if you may experience the frustration of being defeated by the zombies from time to time, as the king of these zombies, you will refuse to give up until you successfully kill the last zombie by using your wisdom and the special skills that you accumulated during the process of outwitting these disgusting zombies!

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