Developer: Apps2US Studios

Control an insatiable snake and devour all the glowing food.


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Editor's Review : is a classic puzzle game. You will control an insatiable snake and devour all the glowing food. As the game progresses, your snake will become bigger, longer, and stronger. It is a really satisfying process. There are also many other players. So, whenever you feel down, you can always come into this world of snakes and have a fun time. The whole gameplay is quite simple and straightforward. You can just use one of your fingers to control your snake moving around the arena and trying to devour more and more delicious food. Of course, you will be confronted with many other snakes. Once you bump into other snakes, you will be forced to start from the beginning. But if you play this game for a very long time, you will just love this game. It seems that you can just see the soul of your cute snake. And you can see that your snake is so elegant when it is slithering forward. Sometimes, you will become a little uneasy, especially if you are surrounded by too many other longer snakes and when your own snake becomes too long. But no matter what kind of difficulties you may encounter, you should always react fast enough to help your snake get out of the desperate situation. Even if you are trapped, you should not give up until the last second. This game is widely accepted by players from different parts of the world. It seems that this game contains magic. Once you start, it is really hard for you to stop playing. Even if you fail, you just want to start over and you will not fear any obstacles. Actually, you can also beat other players and try to trap other players' snakes. As soon as other players' snakes are dead, you can devour the remains to help your snake become bigger within a very short period of time. While you are slithering forward with your cute and beautiful snake, you will feel so free. Overcome with happiness and fun, you just cannot resist the temptation to help your snake become the longest one in the arena. The trick for making your snake become the longest snake in the arena is to always keep calm. If you start to panic, it is very likely that you lose control of your snake. The most important thing is to control the moving direction of your snake. So, you must always be a resourceful master who is constantly watching out for any potential dangers. Other snakes may not always be friendly. They will also attack you or try to trap you to devour your remains. So, there is no need for you to feel guilty for trapping other players' snakes. While you are controlling your snake slithering forward, you will also feel power and strength. If you are really good at this, you will make your snake become an immortal snake. As long as you can fully use the formidable and magical power of controlling your snake, you will eventually be the last survivor. In the beginning, things are easier because your snake is just a small and short snake. It is less likely for you to bump into other snakes. But as the game progresses, your snake will become really long. Considering the long size of your snake, you should always be fully prepared to dodge any unexpected obstacles. No one will come to rescue you in front of danger. So, you must always rely on yourself to avoid all the unexpected dangers and devious plans of trapping you in a circle. While you are playing this game, you will always have all kinds of facial expressions. But if you are an experienced player, you will always smile. While your snake is slithering forward in this great arena, you will feel so happy all the time. So, if you are looking for some casual games to make yourself feel relaxed, you should definitely try this really fun snake-controlling game. The controlling process will always send an electrical excitement to your nerves and muscles that you will always react to perfectly and quickly. You may have some resistance to other players' stronger and longer snakes. But if you can be the clever one and conquer all these powerful snakes, you will feel so proud of yourself. And the satisfaction is great. So, the suffering is definitely worthwhile. You would always be so willing to take all the challenges to show your own amazing controlling skills. This game is very healthy both physically and emotionally. At the end of each round, you will always feel so great. Even if you fail to be the last survivor, you will always have the golden chance to collect gold coins as a reward. With these gold coins, you can always buy some skins for your cute snake. Every time you get a new skin for your snake, you will have a totally new game experience. And the snake-controlling process will always help you eliminate all those negative thoughts that may impact your health and quality of life. And while you are slithering forward in this competitive arena, you will automatically forget about all those annoying thoughts and feelings. The increased intensity will force you to keep focusing all the time. If in real life, you always undergo all kinds of stresses, you should play this game on a regular basis, because this game can help you stop the pain signals that are processed in the nerves or in the brain that perpetuate the stressful feelings or the pain. In the meantime, this game can help lift your spirit by reducing the chemicals that amplify your anxiety. It is enticing to seek out all kinds of strategies to conquer other powerful snakes by only lifting your finger. You will always feel comfort and relief from helping your snake become bigger and stronger. It is obvious that this arena is really dangerous because it is full of poisonous snakes. But you will be so willing to make all kinds of mental and skill adjustments to conquer your fears toward these powerful snakes to win the final victory. During this process, you will also come up with amazing techniques for getting rid of all the other snakes. In a word, this is a great and fantastic game for you to enjoy your life by spending some happy and fun time with your cute snake. As long as you can control your snake, it makes you feel that you can just control the whole world!

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