Secret Neighbor

Secret Neighbor

Developer: tinyBuild

You will deal with an evil neighbor who has many secrets.


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Editor's Review :

Secret Neighbor is a wonderful survival horror game. If you love playing horror games, you may know that horror games are one of the most consistently popular genres in the whole world. While you are playing this game, you will deal with an evil neighbor who has many secrets. And you must be clever enough to uncover all his secrets. You will cooperate with the other five players to find all the necessary tools and keys to complete your task. The most important thing is to avoid the neighbor and protect yourself from being caught by this evil neighbor. If you are a person who has nightmares from the most innocuous ghost story, this game will scare the hell out of you and it will be really hard for you to stomach this horror game. If you are easy to lose your composure while you are playing multiplayer horror games with your best friends, you should keep alert because it will take some time for you to recover from the loss of your face because of your improper behaviors out of impulses and excitement. This game will definitely blow you away but in a really good way. If you have no formal experience playing horror games, after you play this game, you will be hooked on horror. And this game will definitely deepen your appreciation of horror games. In the meantime, this game will profoundly disturb you because all the scary scenarios resonate with the ancient alarm system in your human nature. The invigorating enthusiasm for horror will always help you better enjoy this game. You will become heart-thumpingly and hair-raising horrified, but it is really exciting to stay in a relatively safe and controlled environment while facing your true and deepest fear. It differs from the feelings you may experience when you become anxious or nervous about trivial and daily things. Obviously, this neighbor is just a computer-generated master, but each encounter with this evil neighbor will always evoke real and strong emotional and psychological reactions in you. If you are a player who likes to play horror games or watch horror films with your best friends, you should definitely play this horror game, because this is a multiplayer game, which means it will provide you with the opportunity to communicate with your friends while you are trying to solve the mystery together. And it is really fun to face the jump scares and the scary scenarios together. It can definitely strengthen the bond between you and your friends. It is obvious that all the tragedies and the evil neighbor will always evoke negative emotions in you and other players. But the taste for horror games is always based on preference and personality. So, if you and your friends love the same horror game, which means you have a similar personality, and you have the same taste for horror games. Naturally, you will have great excitement by experiencing all the negative emotions evoked by the scary scenarios. In real life, negative feelings always make us feel bad. But while you are playing this horror game together, all the scary feelings will always make you feel energetic and more excited. There is no need for you to be embarrassed for your strange fascination with horrifying stories and the urge to play with evil figures, including the evil neighbor in this game. Even scientists and scholars cannot explain why human beings may get addicted to horror games. And many film scholars have grappled with this mystery for decades, but the good news is that the whole game can definitely help you release your repressed feelings and your murderous and violent impulses. You will thrill at the sight of the evil neighbor. In real life, we are forbidden from sneaking into a neighbor's house, no matter whether this neighbor is an evil person or a good citizen. While in this game, you will get a strange pleasure associated with confronting the "forbidden". It is amazing to secretly sneak into this neighbor's house and do all kinds of forbidden things, including unlocking the doors, cupboards, and drawers to find the necessary tools and keys. But there is always a price. And this price is the negative emotions that you may experience. Because once you are discovered by this evil neighbor, you will be chased and you will be dead for sure. Besides,you will have the chance to probe into your own mental and spiritual lives by analyzing the emotional tenor of the whole environment. You will get some coded messages from your own unconsciousness. In our daily life, we just do our routine and pass our days without our clear consciousness. But by playing this game, you will know exactly what your fear is and how you might react in front of dangerous and unexpected situations. This game can definitely help you better know your inner world and your true feelings about this world. Even if the neighbor, the house, and this whole virtual world in this game are invented and all these things are not real, these things can certainly help you know your weakness and the choices that you may make in front of life-threatening situations. All these virtual things reflected the true you and your true inner world. If you play horror games for a long time, it is hard for you to not notice that horror games can actually help you foster strong psychological capabilities. You will manage to stay calm in front of danger. As you can see, this game does not involve any supernatural creatures. And there is no suspension of any kind. But every time when you see the face of this evil neighbor, you will just immediately lose your own composure and your fear will automatically lead you to do all kinds of weird things. Your hands maybe trembling and you can even hear your heart pounding. All these physical and psychological reactions will stop you from successfully completing your task of discovering all the secrets. But if you refuse to give up, keep trying to conquer your psychological weakness, and keep trying to figure out the means of getting rid of this evil neighbor, you will successfully conquer your own inner fear and you will perform in a more disciplined way in front of life-threatening situations than normal people. At last, even if this game does not involve any violations of physical law, you will experience great excitement through those naturalistic and plausible menaces and scenarios!

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