Hello Neighbor: Diaries

Hello Neighbor: Diaries

Developer: tinyBuild

It is satisfying to outwit your sinister neighbor.


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Editor's Review :

Hello Neighbor Diaries is an incredible horror game. It is satisfying to outwit your sinister neighbor. You always know that your neighbor is hiding a terrible secret. But you are not allowed to come into your neighbor's house to find his secret. There are some bad rumors about your neighbor. People say that your neighbor is a ruthless killer, but it is really hard for you to believe this neighbor. So, you are determined to sneak into his house and find the dark secret by yourself. You must conduct your investigation carefully and you should always keep calm in front of challenges. You will see many terrifying things in this house. And while you are carrying out your investigation, you should always put yourself in the shoes of this evil neighbor. You should always ask yourself what would you do if you are the criminal who abducted MR. Peterson's missing son. It is really fun to solve all the mysteries and realize your goal of discovering all the secrets hidden in this spooky house. In the beginning, you may feel afraid because you know nothing about this house. But as you play for some time, you will become braver and you will become more confident. It is inevitable for you to come across unexpected dangers. But you should always choose to run away from any potential danger. While you are playing this game, you will feel their sheer panic and horror. The image of this terrifying neighbor will always place upon your mind all kinds of burdens. It is really difficult for you to conceive what your neighbor is capable of until you successfully come into his house and find all the secrets. The most important thing is to truly believe in yourself and that you have all the courage and wisdom to reveal this criminal's true face. While you are trying to solve all the mysteries, you must always rely on yourself to attain power and strength. There is no God from a lofty position of power who will provide you with assistance and guidance. If you move carefully and observe hard, you will achieve the impossible. You must find all the secrets hidden in this house. To achieve your goal, you must conquer your fear. In real life, you may think all the time because it is the typical working pattern of the human mind. But while you are playing this game, especially when you are in the spooky house, you will automatically and naturally forget about all of your other unnecessary thoughts. You should always regard yourself as a detective. With this mindset, you can search the rooms with higher efficiency, and you will consider all the details. You will never know what you may find out in a drawer or behind the door. And you should never let your neighbor know that you are searching his house. Otherwise, you will be dead. While you are searching the neighbor's house, you will never feel relaxed. On the contrary, you will feel intense all the time because you are so afraid that you may be captured by your evil neighbor. But no matter what may happen, you must always keep calm. In the meantime, you will always feel so excited to search your neighbor's house without being noticed by your neighbor. Of course, the goal of discovering all of your neighbor's secrets is difficult enough to achieve. But you will never rest long because you are so anxious to save the missing boy and to discover your neighbor's secrets. While you are carrying out the rescuing and searching task, you must constantly push yourself to find more clues. You must always act discreetly and carefully. In the meantime, you must search the house with greater and greater effectiveness. You can never allow yourself to be trapped in this house. And there is no miracle in this house. As soon as you see the neighbor, you must keep running away from this neighbor. As soon as you come into the eyesight of this neighbor, you will be killed by this neighbor. You may come across all kinds of dramatic things in this house, but you can just pay attention to the important things that you are looking for. All the important clues can help you know the true purpose of this evil neighbor. You may be afraid of this evil neighbor but you should always believe in your extraordinary detective skills. There is no need for you to move with grace. You can just unlock all the doors and search each corner of the room to find the clues that you need. This is a dangerous place. So, you should always keep your wits about you. You can also regard this evil neighbor as someone who may have hurt you when you were a little kid. In your subconsciousness, you may even have some terrible feelings about this person. But after you successfully find all the secrets about this evil neighbor by relying on your wisdom, you will feel that you are the true hero. After you conquer this evil person, and especially the fear of this neighbor, you will have this feeling of power. You may even feel that you heal yourself by conquering the deeply-rooted fear towards this evil person, which is a really good thing. Psychologically speaking, such an experience will change the direction of your life. So, players become addicted to horror games not only for fun but also for healing themselves and for finding the power and strength to truly get connected with a part of themselves that is forced to discard during childhood. If you are an observant person, you may notice that all the events that happen in this house are closely related. So, if you can put all the clues together and think carefully, you will successfully solve all the mysteries. In the human world, we are prone to love positive feelings like happiness and satisfaction. But we hate to feel scared. While after you play this game, you will suddenly realize that directly facing fear is the starting point of getting the chance of being healed. And you will always taste something different from facing horror. Sometimes, bravely facing horror is more meaningful than slowly appreciating happiness and satisfaction because horror will always make you braver in real life. And directly facing and conquering fear is very important for us to maintain our psychological health!

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