FNF Rap Carnival - Beat Battle

FNF Rap Carnival - Beat Battle

Developer: Joy Journey Girls

You will have the golden chance to experience all the hot mods.


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Editor's Review :

This is a brand new cyberpunk style FNF music game. You will enjoy all the great battles. The whole atmosphere is really exciting. You will have the golden chance to experience all the hot mods. It is highly possible for you to become addicted to this game. It is amazing to tap all the music beats. If you have the music talent, or if you are sensitive to music rhythms, you will have a better performance. Boyfriend will join the battles to win over the heart of Girlfriend. So you must try your best to help Boyfriend beat all the opponents, including Sans, Tabi and Whitty and so on. With these new characters, you will have a totally new game experience. Maybe you have played many FNF music games in which you can play as Girlfriend, Boyfriend, Fatherand other amazing characters. But in this game, you will only play as Boyfriend to beat all the enemies and win your girlfriend back. It means a lot to Boyfriend. So you must make all your efforts. Sometimes, the rap battles can drive you insane. You will have a fanatic gaming experience. But no matter what may happen, you just can not give up until the last second. Besides, it is very convenient for you to play this game. Even if you had no Internet connection, you can still play this music game anytime and anywhere. You will love all the catchy songs with funky rhythm. If you try your best, you will have a huge chance to beat all the enemies, including Sally, Pepa and Hypno. In different songs, you will have totally different backgrounds. So you will never feel repetitive. Every time when you successfully unlock new songs, your game experience will also be refreshed. The sound effect is also awesome. The design is simple. If you have already played many FNF music games, you will find that the game play is quite straightforward. All you need to do is to tap all the arrows in a perfect way. But it is not just about mechanically tapping all the arrows. In fact, you must feel the rhythm and you should let your mind fly in this world of music. If you just mechanically tap all the music notes, it is very easy for you to get bored and miss some arrows by accident. So the best practice is to merge into one with those colorful arrows.No matter what may happen, you should not give up. On the contrary, you should try your best to get the highest score. Certainly, you will lose score if you tap the music notes before they get to the scoring area. So you must be patient and tap precisely when the music notes reach to the scoring area. The timing is very important! You must always remember to tap all the music notes at the right time. But there is no need for you to feel overwhelmed. As long as you keep concentrating, you will eventually help Boyfriend defeat all the enemies. Because of the great sound effect, you will have a better gaming experience. New sound effects and new songs will be added on a regular basis. So you can just enjoy all the amazing songs. Even if you have no experience of playing music games, there is no need for you to feel pressure as there are many levels with different difficulty levels. If you are not an advanced player, you can always start with the easy levels. After you become experienced, you can just challenge the experts. So this is a really fun music game, your can just dance to the rhythm and forget about all of your other worries and concerns. And you deserve to enjoy this rap battle! The most distinctive feature of this game is that all the vocals and sounds are aligned. While you are playing other music games, you may feel that the vocals and sounds are not totally in accordance with each other; while you are playing this game, you will feel the perfect harmony between the vocals and sounds. In the meantime, you also have the option to hide your opponent's music notes. In this way, you will not be distracted and you can just focus on your own music notes. You will love the cyberpunk style and the animation effects. Actually, there is no need for you to worry too much about the final score. You can just feel the beats and follow the rhythm to release your music talents. If you do so, you will naturally get a really high score and you can definitely beat your past record. Anyway, all you need to do is to try your best and tap all the arrows without missing anyone of them. It is really exciting to challenge the harder songs. After you become experienced enough, you will feel that everything is awesome! In this game, you will also see that Girlfriend has a totally new appearance. And you will really like the new appearance of Girlfriend because it will give you a special feeling about this game. This time, Girlfriend has pink hair and she wears a headphone with the form of a beautiful unicorn. There are also many new songs added to this game, including the Snake Eyes and the Technicolor Tussle. In short, if you love playing music games, you should definitely try this new music game. You will feel a sense of satisfaction by fighting with your Boyfriend and defeating all the enemies. Boyfriend will also hold great gratitude towards you if you can successfully help him save his Girlfriend. So what are you still waiting for? It is time for you to challenge all the hard songs contained in this game. It is time for you to show your real music talents and skills. This game will be a great test of the agility of your fingers. But you will get the joy that you want by following your own way. You will be the ultimate music master. And you can just enjoy this music world through totally different ways. This adventure will bring you into a wholly new music world. And you can unlock all kinds of songs that you like by following your own style. The thrilling competition will make your heart race. But you can always enjoy yourself and show your music talents by selecting your own favorite song. At last, if you can successfully defeat all the Boyfriend's opponents, you will get abundant rewards!

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