Euro Truck Simulator 2

Euro Truck Simulator 2

Developer: SCS Software

Make the maximum profits by delivering goods to different parts of Europe.


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Editor's Review :

Euro Truck Simulator 2 is a fantastic driving simulation game. It is definitely worthwhile for you to spend your precious time playing this wonderful game with other online players. It is amazing to make friends with those players who have a true passion for the truck-driving experience. While you are playing this game, there is no need for you to equip yourself with professional knowledge about the trucks. You just need to relax and enjoy your truck-driving experience. By playing this game, you will also have a deeper understanding of the truck-driving business. To be specific, you will be an owner of a holding company. Your ultimate goal is to make the maximum profits by delivering goods to different parts of Europe. You will never get bored with this game, because you have a very big map. And you will have totally different game experiences while you are delivering valuable goods from one city to another city. On your journey, you will have a golden chance to appreciate the beautiful scenery. Driving to Germany, Belgium, Switzerland and other countries in Europe is amazing! Actually, in the beginning, you do not have your own truck. You must earn enough money to buy an awesome truck for yourself by working for your boss. But after you play for some time, you will earn enough profit to have your own truck. And your reward is based on how distant you will drive and the price of the goods. You should never underestimate the difficulty level of delivering all the goods to designated destinations without making any mistakes. You should aim to level up and acquire additional truck-driving skills that will assist you in successfully delivering goods to even further destinations and getting more profit. After you become an experienced truck driver, you will have the golden chance to deliver more expensive goods by using less fuel. After you earn enough money, you can buy multiple trucks with different features. Obviously, it is impossible for you to drive all the trucks alone. So accordingly, after you have enough trucks, you will have the opportunity to hire multiple workers and truck drivers to work for you, which will bring you more benefits within a very short period of time. And you will become addicted to the process of purchasing more trucks because all these trucks are insanely realistic. If you are a real truck enthusiast, this game will meet all the dreams that you may have for trucks. You can design the pressure of the tires, and the suspensions. And you can adjust each trivial detail. Besides, the roads are also real roads that exist in different cities. And a lot of things may happen on your journey while you are carrying your cargo to different destinations. You may be trapped in an accident. And you will also experience different weather conditions. If you feel bored, you can always turn on the radio and listen to beautiful songs or some stories that you may like. As you invest more time in playing this truck-driving game, you will fall in love with this game because everything is so real. And you will spend many hours playing this game without your own consciousness. While you are traveling around Europe, you will meet many interesting people. Maybe in real life, you suffer from growing emotionally distant from people who used to be very important in your life. But in this world, you may never feel lonely because these friends who share the same passion for truck-driving experience will always meet your deep need for companionship and intimacy. And it is also satisfying to get support and help from your employees. These people are those who will always have your interests at heart. But there is no need for you to follow any rules or consult with any partners to design your own truck-driving business. As long as you can get a more productive result, you can always do business by following your own idea. But you should always consider your customers' feedback before you make any decision. All your customers' feedback will influence your income. Strictly speaking, your business will depend on your hard work and your customers' loyalty. So, you should always have your own truck-driving activity and all your employees' work under truly rational control, which is the only way for you to make a fortune in this world. But there is no need for you to always drive trucks for achieving different goals. Sometimes, you can just drive around for good feelings. You will automatically cheer up while you are driving for fun. But before you start your journey, you should always take all the necessary tools with you in case you will be trapped in some unexpected accident. If you lack the tools to repair your broken truck, you will feel so powerless. But it is a very satisfying thing to deal with all the challenges while you are on your way forward. You can always indulge in the gratification of successfully repairing your truck by relying on yourself. As your truck-driving business expands, you will gradually live a very productive life. There is no need for you to doubt your own business blueprint. Obviously, this is a very simple truck-driving game. There is nothing complex about the mechanics of this game. But you will have the chance to drive along the road of everlasting joy. And you should never overlook the power of simplicity.While you are driving silently on the road, your vision of life will become clear because, at such moments, you will finally have the chance to look into your heart. In real life, we constantly look outside and make all kinds of dreams and we live in a very restricted circle. But while you are driving forward in this beautiful world, all your worries and anxieties will disappear and you will make many new friends. Your worries about the past and the brooding over the future will vanish. Sometimes, you may have those self-created fears of failing your task of building a very successful truck-driving business that will wreak havoc within your inner world. But if you just focus on your truck-driving mission and forget about everything else, you will have a worry-free life in this world. As we know, worry drains our minds of its power and, sooner or later, injures our souls. But while you are driving forward in this world, you will always have a positive paradigm about this world and about everything in this world. It is quite normal for us to think the same thoughts every day. Most of these thoughts are negative. If we constantly do so, we will fall into bad mental habits, but actually, we truly cannot afford the luxury of a negative thought in this hectic modern world. This truck-driving business management equals your mind management process and mind management is the essence of life management. By playing this game, you will form and cultivate many good habits. For instance, you will always punctually deliver your goods. And you will form the habit of always searching for the positive side in every circumstance. In this way, your real life will move into its highest dimension. And by learning from past failures, you will have a better performance in delivering your cargo to the destination next time. So, in this world, you will eventually figure out that there are no mistakes in life, only lessons. And there is no such thing as a negative truck-driving experience or cargo delivery experience only opportunities to see the bigger world and to advance along the road of self-mastery!

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